March 3, 2024

BattleBit Remastered Devs Share Update Plans and When It Might Leave Early Access

Battlebit Remastered may not seem impressive with its blocky visuals, but it is quietly one of the most successful games of 2023. In addition, its development team is far from complete.

I Reddit TIME, the Battlebit Remastered team answered fan questions about the visuals, future game modes, and more. The Battlebit team also reflected on their overwhelming success, with the sudden surge in demand en route to selling nearly 2 million units.

“This is just wild. I don’t even think any of us have realized what we’ve really done now,” TheLiquidHorse wrote.

‘The competitive community is already screaming’

Talking about what to expect in the future, the Battlebit Remastered team addressed questions about the visuals, additional game modes, and when the team expects to leave Early Access.

Among the promised changes, TheLiquidHorse said that Battlebit will be adding a competitive mode at some point, saying that the competitive community is “already screaming for it,” and that the team is still planning Steam Deck support.

When asked about the progress of BattleBit, which is currently one of the main criticisms, TheLiquidHorse said that the team would revisit the progress down the line and “fill in the gaps” with new weapons. They also addressed the trend towards players picking the healer class, saying that the team plans to buff other roles to make them more viable.

This is just wild. I don’t even think any of us realized what we’ve done now

Meanwhile, Battlebit’s development team downplayed the possibility of a battle royale mode (“Negative, not a swamp fan,” said TheLiquidHorse) and jets (“Our maps are too small for proper dogfights”). They also don’t plan to change their visual style or add any major graphical improvements, although they may change graphics a bit.

Finally, while the team plans to add more modes in the future, including a hardcore mode, the team does not plan to increase the number of players supported, saying “on the unfortunately the server infrastructure wouldn’t support that.”

More work to do

One way or another, TheLiquidHorse says there’s a lot more work to be done. Battlebit has been in development in one form or another since at least 2016, but the team thinks it could be in early access for as long as another four years. Once it’s fully released, though, fans shouldn’t worry: TheLiquidHorse promises their progress won’t be wiped.

To date, Battlebit Remastered continues to enjoy great success by marrying its quirky visual style with the expansive design of a Battlefield FPS. It has been praised for capturing the nostalgia of the original game, which many felt was lost with Battlefield 2042. Do the Battlebit devs have any advice for DICE?

“[W]There are only some new people in this area, the devs prob know things much better than we do,” said TheLiquidHorse. “What happened in the last few years was not their fault, [I] to think they would still be able to deliver an absolute stunner of Battle if they had the time and freedom.”

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