May 19, 2024

The shooting at the Michoacano Shopping Center was a Narco confrontation

A deadly shooting inside a shopping center in the Mexican state of Michoacán was a cartel blowout as rival criminal organizations continue to fight for control, law enforcement sources told Breitbart Texas.

Last week, a shooting at the Las Américas shopping center in Morelia, Michoacán, sparked widespread panic. As Breitbart Texas reported, two people were killed in the mall parking lot during that shooting. The Michoacán Attorney General’s Office previously identified the victims as Francisco “N” and a police officer assigned as a bodyguard named Diego “N”.

Breitbart Texas has since learned that the victim was Francisco Javier “Franky Boy” Valencia Pérez, a local attorney who worked for Francisco Vargas Patiño, a local crime boss known as “Paquito Brother” who was a top lieutenant of Los Caballeros who have left the Templarios Cartel, but now operate their own organization.

Francisco “Paquito Brother” Vargas Patino

Police sources indicated that Vargas Patiño, who was meeting his lawyer at the mall, was the target of the shooting at the mall. However, when the shooting started, Valencia and his bodyguard were killed and Vargas managed to escape and called his hitmen for help.

The shooting is believed to have been ordered by César “El Boto” Sepúlveda Arellano, who heads a cell known as Los Blancos de Troya, which is a current ally of the Los Viagras Cartel.

After the fatal shooting at the mall, a hit man and a female colleague fled the scene in a dark sedan, but due to the police response they parked their vehicle and entered a public transport van in an attempt to blend in with the public. Shortly afterwards, however, a group of hit men allegedly sent by Paquito Brother found them and started shooting at the vehicle. Not only did the armed men hit the two, but they also hit a female passenger and her 13-year-old son. The driver of the van took the victims to the local hospital where medical personnel treated the victims, but the gunman was killed on the way.

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Jose Luis Lara from the Breitbart Texas Cartel Chronicles project helped with this report.

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