May 21, 2024

Police search Gilgo Beach murder suspect Rex Heuermann’s home, storage unit for clues

The IS The Gilgo Beach murder case remains an active investigation days after the suspect was arrested.

Investigators remained at Rex Heuermannand home on Long Island on Monday, as people came by bike, car, and foot to catch a glimpse of the police working on the amazing case.

Arsenal was confiscated by law enforcement almost 300 guns, framed pictures, even a baby-like doll from Heuermann’s unsightly home in Massapequa Park.

“They should knock it down,” said one. “I think it should probably be bulldozed,” said another.

Police were also searching a nearby storage unit they say is connected to the case, where Heuermann kept unspecified items.

Across Massapequa Park, homeowners said they are worried about their village becoming a tourist town for gawkers, comparing it to the “Amityville house of horrors” two miles away.

“To me, it’s like the same beautiful neighborhood, with this strange house. In Amityville, it was the only house that faced the street,” said resident Robert Gayer.

“Coming down to get a glimpse of the house he lived in. I don’t want to compare it to the Amityville house of horrors,” said Massapequa Park Mayor Daniel Pearl. “I would love to bring back the peace the village enjoyed before this incident and erase all memories.”

Suspects in the Long Island Serial Killing
Booking photo of Rex Heuermann (inset), arrested in connection with a series of unsolved killings known as the Gilgo Beach murders on Long Island. Police search a home in Massapequa Park, New York, after he was taken into custody on July 14, 2023.

Background: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / AP; Inset: Acquired by CBS New York

Meanwhile, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that Heuermann is “currently on suicide watch.” A judge on Friday ordered him held without bail.

During a news conference Monday evening, New York State Police Trooper Stephen Udice said one investigator from Troop L on Long Island was assigned to the case being run by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and worked only on the Gilgo Beach case. starting in February. of 2022. A month later, that investigator informed the task force that a possible suspect, Heuermann, had been identified. This was the first time Heuermann’s name had come up and the first time he had been identified as a possible suspect in the case, Udice said.

The task force continued its investigation and eventually confirmed that Heuermann was a suspect in at least three of the murders.

New York State Police discuss investigation of Gilgo Beach murders


Heuermann was arrested outside his Manhattan architectural office on Thursday night. He was charged in the murders of three women and is considered the prime suspect in the murders of the four women. Their bodies were found within a quarter mile of each other on Gilgo Beach in 2010, wrapped in burlap.

“Heuermann led a double life. He had a wife. He had two kids. An architect. And I guess at night he turned into this monster,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said.

Neighbors wondering if the Massapequa Park victims were killed. They also want to know if they were refrigerated and put together, and what, if any, DNA evidence will be found in his truck or work shed.

An investigator is working in Long Island's backyard, where the Gilgo Beach murders are suspected
A police investigator works in the backyard of Gilgo Beach murder suspect Rex Heuermann’s home in Massapequa Park, New York’s Long Island, on July 14, 2023.

J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday RM via Getty Images

Investigators say a witness first reported seeing a Chevy Avalanche pickup, similar to one owned by Heuermann, when one of the women left. They said they later established that data from Heuermann’s burner phones linked them to the victims. Investigators in the end he got his DNA from a discarded pizza crust which allegedly matched hair found on one of the victims.

A source confirmed reporting Monday that investigators in South Carolina have recovered a vehicle belonging to the suspect.

Regarding the house, “I think the village should probably act to take the property and destroy it,” said one homeowner.

“Take that money, the proceeds, and give it to the victims of the family,” said another.

The remains of seven other people were found near Gilgo Beach between 2010 and 2011. Heuermann has not been ruled out as a suspect in those unsolved cases.

CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues contributed reporting.

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