June 15, 2024

Meta Threads to Use Rate Limits. Bluesky lost Racist Slurs.

  • Elon Musk has been heavily criticized for many of his Twitter decisions.
  • Some of Twitter’s new competitors are now facing similar problems.
  • Meta’s Threads will use rate limits to combat increased spam.

Elon Musk has been heavily criticized for many of his Twitter decisions, particularly the lack of moderation on the service and his recent decision to limit the number of tweets users can see to combat spam.

Now, two of Twitter’s most promising new competitors are suffering from similar issues.

“Spam attacks have evolved so we’re going to have to get tougher on things like rate limits, which will mean more people being unintentionally capped (false positives). If you’re caught by these defenses let us know ,” Adam. Mosseri, a Meta executive who runs the new Threads service, write in the post Monday.

I had to triple check that this post wasn’t fake. But it is true. And it is strange to know.

In early July, Musk announced temporary tweet view rate limits that limited the number of posts unverified Twitter users can see, blaming “extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation” for the functionality limited.

Twitter users took their disagreements to heart with many commenters calling the spam reasoning bogus. However, Meta, the world’s most powerful social media company, now appears to be suffering from the same spam problem – and is taking a similar approach to solving it.

“Seems like I’m wasting half my time blocking bots pushing gaming and crypto sites,” one Threads user posting, after Mosseri’s update. “Same here. It was pretty relentless today,” said another Threads user.

Another hot alternative on Twitter is Bluesky. Bluesky was a haven for users who were particularly concerned about less moderation on Twitter and the return of extreme and potentially racist posts.

However, Bluesky is having trouble policing its own site, according to several news reports. On Sunday, Mashable reported that Bluesky users protested after some accounts used racial slurs in their usernames because the platform failed to block users from registering such names.

Bluesky told Mashable that he first received complaints about one account on Wednesday and removed it within 40 minutes. The team also said they patched the code that allowed these hands to be created within that time frame as well. It is also investing in trust and safety.

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