June 15, 2024

Minecraft Player Points Out Strange Paths and Update Tales Details You Can’t Unsee

A Minecraft fans have recently noticed unusual details Tracks and Tales up to date, to be like the adolescent cherry on the emblem of perhaps the most iconic video game villain, Bowser. The youngster said one of many assets and features that have been added through the year Minecraft update.

Minecraft it’s been borderline non-stop since it first dropped in 2011, with the main game still receiving substantial updates over its ten-year lifespan and spawning a full-fledged franchise around it. Such a franchise currently includes several independent spin-offs, three board games, several official novels, an annual program. Minecraft convention from the year of release, and even a theatrical film in the works. The latest update added the in-game crafting system, giving players the ability to dig up old ruins and add new biomes and creatures to interact with.

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Reddit user Zandrox_ pointed out a visual oddity from this update, noting that the head of the cherry boy looks very similar to Bowser, the King of the Koopas and the main antagonist of the Mario franchise. His head is notably used as the official insignia of his army, appearing on his castle banners and equipment in the various spin-offs, and even acting as a journal whenever Mario loses a life in most of his platformers. The image in the post is just the new image Minecraft an asset looking dead on from one of its corners.

Many in the comments also seemed surprised by the revelation, admitting they never noticed it until it was pointed out to them. Some people took the time to poke fun at the discovery by making references to the character, such as typing the lyrics to the iconic song “Peaches” from The movie Super Mario Bros. Others said they saw other things in the asset, such as Sans Blaster from UndertaleFreddy Fazbear from the Five nights with Freddy series, or even the emblem for Dry Bowser, a hideous, skinless version of the Koopa King that debuted in 2006’s. New game Super Mario Bros.

This visual similarity is more than likely a coincidence. However, it’s always fun to find strange similarities between unrelated pieces of media. It’s not uncommon these days for developers to hide easter eggs in their products for consumers to find, and Minecraft he’s no stranger, considering the many publicity transitions he’s undergone over the years. It should be fun to see whatever other weird things fans can and will discover the more time they spend with the Trials and Tales campaign.

Minecraft available on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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