June 19, 2024

‘All glory to God. This is a Miracle’

The producer of The Sound of Freedomthe anti-child-trafficking drama starring Jim Caviezel, on Sunday identified the faith-based production as more than a film, claiming instead that it is a movement.

Eduardo Verástegui joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Pete Hegseth to reveal that “the people’s movie” has soared to the top of the box office, claiming second place and raking in $82 million as of Saturday.

“All the experts in Hollywood tell us that this is not a good movie for them, that no one will go to see this movie,” he said of the years-long struggle to get the thriller on the big screen.

He then said how good it feels to take on Hollywood critics and succeed where they predicted they would fail and more celebrities come out and praise the achievement.

“After praying to God for a miracle for this movie, please send an angel to rescue this movie, Angel Studios made this movie and because of them millions of people are watching this movie in these ten days, more than five million. people showed up in theaters, and I can’t believe that this is happening. I feel like I’m dreaming,” he said in the interview.

“This is the American dream. I have the American dream right now. It is all glory to God. This is a miracle.”


As Breitbart News reported as the interview aired, in its second weekend, the Angel Studios phenomenon gross Another $24.7 million, an impressive 26 percent increase over its opening weekend.

Currently, the movie dumped Disney is $ 83.2 million.

And its long-ago theatrical run, The Sound of Freedom all but 24 of last year’s top grossing films have domestic appeal, including Scream (2022), Morbius, Best Picture winner Everything Everywhere All at Once, The Lady King, Death on the Nile, et al.

Despite widespread acceptance by the viewing public, attacks by the media have tried to diminish its success, including in the UK Guardian newspaper and Jezebel, which linked the film to QAnon conspiracy theories.

Verástegui said the film is much bigger and has grown beyond the critics, achieving its aims to help children who are victims of the child trafficking crisis.

“I close my eyes every morning, [asking] What if this is my son? What if it is missing? What would I do? I will stop everything I am doing, and give my life to find my child. Well, that’s my motivation. I’m waking up every day to fight for four children to end child trafficking,” he said in an interview with Fox News.

“I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to wait for this tragedy to happen in my life to wake me up. I want to wake up now.”

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