February 21, 2024

1st lawsuit filed against Pat Fitzgerald and Northwestern leaders stemming from storm scandal

A former North West football player filed the first lawsuit against him Pat Gerald and members of the school’s leadership, seeking damages arising from it fog scandal which cost the former football coach his job.

The player, identified in the lawsuit as John Doe, alleged on Tuesday in Cook County Court in Chicago that Fitzgerald, Northwestern University President Michael Schill, the board of trustees and athletic director Derrick Gragg enabled and concealed sexual misconduct and racial discrimination.

The player, who was on the football team from 2018 to 2022, filed the law firm Salvi, based in Chicago.

“It wasn’t limited to one bad actor,” attorney Parker Stinar said in an interview with the Associated Press. “It wasn’t limited to one team, like the football team. It also included a culture of acceptance and acceptance and encouragement on the baseball team and other sports teams, as well as men’s and women’s sports.

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