June 17, 2024

Children’s mental health facility getting ready to open. | news

Billings, MT- A new facility will create a space to not only let kids be kids while receiving a variety of critical mental health care services in a friendly, disarming environment.

Elysian Mental Health and Little Legends Therapy have dedicated years of hard work to creating spaces where people can go to get the support they need.

And now, they are focusing their efforts on helping some of the most vulnerable patients: children.

Both organizations are preparing to open a new pediatric clinic that will serve the physical and mental health needs of their young patients.

The founder of Elysian Mental Health says they are targeting children for a variety of reasons.

Founder Julie Wulfekuhle says “unfortunately, there are a lot of children in foster care and state wards, and they definitely need a lot of special care. So, we’re seeing the whole number of stressors in kids in school, ADHD, we’re seeing a lot of autistic kids coming through and the biggest problem is that there aren’t enough providers in the country, let alone Montana and so on everyone has a waiting list. there are not many providers who specialize in children. There’s a lot with adults but not with our younger clients so it was part of our goal to really focus on that population.”

Sensory Tent

The new facility will offer a variety of services such as art, play and mental health therapy as well as cognitive behavioral and occupational therapy with the help of Elysian partner Little Legends.

The occupational therapist for Little Legends Therapy, Dr. Josi Gibbs about the collaboration and says “to be able to offer our services jointly with mental health and really get down to the root cause of those deficits in attention or behavior and just get out of it. that two agree with mental health and it’s more like regulation for us, it’s been very beneficial.”

Hanging Crops

She added that “you just see the way children learn that the way they learn might be a little different but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it.”

The facility is due to open in just over a week on July 26th where there will also be an open house on its opening day from 4 to 7 pm.


The open house will feature games, prizes, food, a silent auction and a tour of the new facilities located at 1601 Lewis Ave Ste 107.

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