February 23, 2024

Borderlands Compilation Game Leaked At Ratings Board

The Borderlands series is getting a compilation game, bringing several releases into one package. This is according to a list of games that have just been age-rated in South Africa, listing “The Borderlands Compilation: Pandora’s Box” among the titles submitted for classification.

The document doesn’t tell us which games are in the Pandora’s Box collection, but it’s a good sign that we’ll get an announcement sometime soon if there’s enough here to get an age rating in the first place. Not surprisingly, it has hit 18, and will be on PC and console.

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This was seen by Gematsu, shared the full list of age-rated games directly in South Africa. While it lists releases on PC and console, it doesn’t break down which consoles will be included. We can safely assume it will make it to at least PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, though Nintendo Switch and last-gen might be a bit more likely.

Additionally, the previously leaked Baten Kaitos remasters are listed here. We last reported on these games all the way back in May 2021, when Bandai Namco filed for the Baten Kaitos trademark. This has since been officially confirmed for Nintendo Switch, but this indicates that a PC port could also be on the way, although it is not known if it will release on the same date as the Switch. The release date is set for September 15, later this year, so if a PC port is in the works, we can expect news on that soon.

Going back to Borderlands, a compilation title is no surprise – even if we don’t yet know what it will include. The film Borderlands is trucking along, despite reports that it is currently in post-production hell. That’s no surprise either – it was announced back in 2015, and we still don’t have anything resembling a trailer. We haven’t seen much of the film at all, really, probably because the crew went back for reshoots. Even worse, co-writer Craig Mazin had his name removed from the credits, using a pseudonym instead. Usually, that doesn’t mean a writer is particularly proud of the final product.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean it won’t do well in theaters. A compilation game would be a good way to take advantage of that or drum up sum to it in the first place. It remains to be seen when the collection or the film will get a release date, as both are currently unknown.

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