May 27, 2024

Best Diablo 4 dungeons and fortresses for farming, according to someone who did the math

As we get closer and closer to the start of Diablo 4’s first season, the Season of the Malignant, it seems that the hardest players are channeling all their expertise to produce guides on the best and most efficient ways to grind .

Since everyone will have to create new characters to level the Season 1 battle pass and experience seasonal content, there’s an unspoken race to see how efficiently someone can grind through the opening hours, and who as fast as they can unlock battle pass tiers.

We recently covered this map of all the sidequests that lead to dungeons, which in turn are a great source of Fame. Today, we have an even more impressive bounty of information, courtesy of the content creator Dry Bear.

Drybear tested all 115 dungeons and 15 strongholds in Diablo 4 to determine which ones are most suitable to level up quickly (for individual players and for groups), as well as those that grant the greatest amount of XP. There are several factors that determine the amount of XP a dungeon/stronghold offers, including mob and elite density, and how quickly you can clear them.

The creator of the content worked out that the best way to gain XP/level up is to fight enemies with a higher level than you. In other words, the most efficient way to get XP is to focus on dungeons and fortresses when you are three levels below their minimum (there is a master list with all relevant information, too).

This is also true for Nightmare Dungeons, although the calculation is slightly different. In that case, you want your character’s level to be 51 points below the dungeon, which is the equivalent of three levels.

All that work brought us This list is detailed, but simple to read. As you can see, there are dedicated sections not only for players leveling up, but also for future XP grinding once the early levels are done. The list also recognizes individual leveling, as well as group leveling, which is great for solo players as many XP guides tend to assume that at least one other player is nearby.

He is! | Image credit: Dry Bear

When the Season of the Malignant begins on July 20th (assuming you’ve already done everything on this list to prepare), you’ll need to follow the leveling sections of that list to get into the level 50+ zone as quickly as possible can. . From there, it’s a matter of optimizing your time vs XP gain when it comes to the dungeons and fortifications you decide to grind.

As for how Drybear came to these results, they tested with a level 100 character to avoid enemy level or character attributes during testing. Results do not include shrines, events, Treasure Goblin or Butcher encounters. In other words, the numbers only take into account the main mobs in a given dungeon/stronghold.

As helpful as this list is, let’s hope today’s big Diablo 4 patch doesn’t mess up the enemy density in those dungeons and strongholds, or make any other changes to XP gain that it might partially or completely useless.

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