May 21, 2024

Diablo 4 Fans Are Getting Sad With Repetitive Dungeon Bosses

If you’re going into a Diablo game expecting unique and constantly new content to be thrown at you throughout your experience, you’re going to be disappointed. Diablo is a series about the grind, running dungeons over and over again until you find the best equipment your patience allows. Most players expect a bit of repetition, which makes complaints about dungeon bosses surprising.

In a once again popular post on the Diablo 4 subreddit, an irritated player named u/JamboreStevens has shared their frustrations at constantly coming up against the same dungeon boss fights over and over again, on wish Blizzard had made more unique bosses. shake up the dungeon formula a little more. It’s a sentiment shared by many other Diablo 4 players, as they seem to be getting a little sick already of fighting Tomb Lords and Blood Bishops.

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Others think the problem is a little more complicated than that, however, as u/Electrical_Specific6 thinks it’s not the number of leaders, but how similar they are to each other. They explain that the number of bosses in Diablo 3 was quite similar, but all those bosses felt very different from each other, but Diablo 4 has many “types” of fights that repeat themselves quite a lot, making that this repetition depends. .

Others have taken the opportunity to complain about the dungeons themselves, such as u/VaderMug who called them “quests hidden in a cave”, although u/Jefc141 isn’t impressed either , complaining that they are just “the same rooms just rotated”. Since there are hundreds of dungeons to go through in Diablo 4, you can kind of sympathize with those who want to try to complete them all.

Then there are ways Blizzard could make the Diablo 4 experience a little better, such as u/Teejaymac who are confused as to why Blizzard doesn’t reuse some of the campaign bosses to spice up the variety a bit. bigger. In fact, there are many great bosses in the campaign that players would probably enjoy fighting again, but since most skip the campaign on playthroughs with new characters, many think that the fights ” a waste”.

Diablo 4 will likely add unique boss fights as the season progresses to try and alleviate this problem, the first of which starts in a few days on July 20th. down.

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