April 17, 2024

EA Sports Calls FC 24 on Nintendo Switch ‘Massive Achievement’

EA Sports called the Nintendo Switch version of FC 24 a “massive achievement”.

FC 24 on Nintendo Switch runs on the Frostbite Engine, a first for EA’s football franchise. It means that EA is not releasing a rebranded “legacy” version of FIFA 19 again this year.

Players get a Ultimate Team expansion mode switch on par with the Ultimate Team seen in other versions of the game. Ultimate Team in the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA was very limited.

Nintendo Switch owners have slammed EA for releasing legacy editions of FIFA on the console. IGN awarded the original FIFA 19 a 5/10, and FIFA 20 (which we said offers “nothing but a barebones roster update”) 4/10. FIFA 21, FIFA 22, and FIFA 23 only earned 2/10 each. The last entry is “prime example of minimum effort for maximum profit”, we said in our review.

FC 24, however, is “comparable” to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game in terms of common features, John Shepherd, VP, Executive Producer at Electronic Arts, told IGN.

“All the methods will be there. It is more representative of the Xbox One, PS4 gameplay, than it would be the PlayStation 5, latest-gen gameplay. There are some differences, just because of the hardware, but the game runs great.”

Shepherd described FC 24 on Nintendo Switch as a “big project”. It took years to get the game running well on a Nintendo console, and required a cross-departmental effort that involved significant support from EA’s Frostbite team.

“That’s been a lot of years, just trying to get that to work well on Switch,” Shepherd said. “We were reviewing it with Nintendo not too long ago. Everyone is excited about it.

“It was a collaboration not just with FC, but across EA. We had to get a lot of Frostbite support to get everything working on Switch. It’s a huge achievement, honestly.”

It’s worth noting that despite the improvements made for FC 24 on Nintendo Switch, it has been excluded from the game’s cross-play pools. PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC versions can play cross-platform, and PS4 and Xbox One versions can play cross-platform.

Check out IGN’s FC 24 hands-on preview to find out more. FC 24 launches September 29 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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