May 19, 2024

The ULEZ Emissions Tax is part of a ‘War on Individual Freedom’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s anti-car ULEZ tax scheme is part of a “war on individual freedom” against the British people, Laurence Fox told Breitbart London.

On the campaign trail in Uxbridge, as he seeks to replace Boris Johnson in the House of Commons in Thursday’s by-election, Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox found that the biggest issue for voters in the London suburb is Mayor Sadiq Khan’s expansion . of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

Mayor Khan’s climate stimulus initiative is set to add to the £12.50 (~$15.50) a day tax for driving anywhere in the capital’s 32 boroughs next month, in a move which opponents say will disproportionately affect the working class, many of whom need to drive or commute in London to earn a living.

But in Fox’s case, hiding behind the green veneer is the hallmarks of a craven desire for authoritarian control.

“There is a war on individual freedom,” Fox told Breitbart London. “It’s like all great pieces of social engineering, it’s very slow. He is boiling the frog, the frog does not know that he is getting boiled. And those people who can see it for what it is, and see what’s coming, are waving the flags and trying to warn people, but many people want their heads bury it in the sand and hope it all goes away. But the problem is, it’s not going away.

“You can’t get in your car and go somewhere without getting fined or taxed in some way, but where does it stop?”

The actor turned political campaigner starred in the original Breitbart film My Son HunterWent on to note that the same people who bought into the government’s urge to buy diesel cars to protect the environment the same people who are now being told they can’t drive their supposedly more environmentally friendly cars in London without being taxed. privilege.

“We have a cost of living crisis, we’re about to go through a major financial crisis towards the end of the year, energy bills are going to be off the charts, inflation is out of control and people can’t afford it. her life.

“So, on top of that, they say we’re going to charge you an extra 60 quid a week just for the privilege of having a car or a van to get to work. It’s really criminal.”

“But I think people are becoming aware of the fact that it’s just taxation in the name of false salvation,” Fox said.

So far, the most visible aspect of Khan’s expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone – previously only in central London – has been the installation of license plate-reading street cameras to monitor the cars entering and leaves the green tax. belt

Perhaps taking a cue from the Yellow Vest protesters who rose up against Emmanuel Macron’s carbon tax plans, members of the British public have mobilized incorrect methods of civil disobedience over the plan, the cameras were allegedly destroyed in mobs.

“I think they have reached the limit, I think a lot of people are aware of the ULEZ cameras, the implementation of this 15-minute city thing all about ‘we are going to make it so easy for you, that every something within 15 minutes of where you are’. But if you build the control mechanism before you build the infrastructure, then it reminds people what you’re doing.”

“Don’t build the cameras before you build the shops.”

It is no coincidence for Fox that the establishment’s drive to govern has coincided with the de-banking of figures such as Nigel Farage and indeed his own political party, with blob orthodoxy facing ongoing challenges on issues such as the green agendas, transgender, and before locking and vaccine passports.

“We had our bank account and I got threatening calls from my bank to close my personal bank accounts,” Fox said. “It’s a scary time. People thought that COVID was bad in terms of control and power but that is just like a mild inconvenience compared to not being able to bank or transact. What does freedom of speech mean? He can’t say you’re not free to eat if you don’t say the right thing.”

But, despite staring down the barrel of tyranny, the Reclaim leader said he is hopeful, saying: “The subject I am talking about is enjoying people, otherwise we would not be discussing polls. “

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