April 23, 2024

Gargoyles Live Action Movie Reportedly In The Works From Thor Director

The ’90s nostalgia train never seems to run out of steam. Gargoylesone of the more underrated cartoon series of that particularly illustrious decade, it looks like it’s making the leap into the modern age with a live-action film, and maybe one big name is already on board own.

It’s been largely absent from the media since it first ran, aside from the upcoming remaster of the classic Gargoyles video game, Gargoyles perhaps it has fallen from the mind of many in recent years. The ’90s cartoon had the unique premise of a group of supernatural beings from a thousand years ago being frozen in stone and reanimated in modern-day New York. It may not sound all that special at first glance, though Gargoyles he drew in audiences with his mature tone and storylines, and it looks like those fans might finally see some vindication.

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A new rumor is afoot that suggests live action Gargoyles The film is in the works. Not only that, but it also looks like Northern Irish director Kenneth Branagh, who is known for directing several films, including the 2011 films, will be helming the project. Thor. The rumor came first Giant Freakin robot before you got a bit of a legitimacy boost from the Belfast Telegraph, because GFR claims proved misleading or even completely false. For now, these are just rumours. But some steam is gathering behind them, which could be good news.

Gargoyles aired from 1994-1997 as part of the Disney Afternoon program block. While the premise of nocturnal creatures reviving from stone in the night to protect the city was enough to draw crowds, his voice cast certainly did some of the heavy lifting. Its main cast included the legendary Keith David as the main character Goliath and the late Ed Asner (Pixar’s Carl Up) from Hudson’s fellow gargoyle. Others in the main cast included Jeff Bennett, Salli Richardson, and iconic voice actor Frank Welker.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first rumbling that Gargoyles film. The idea was originally floated before the series ended, and the film project was eventually shelved after the finale. But there was a bit of a revival in 2011, with a script in the works from David Elliot and Paul Lovett, the writers of blockbuster action thingy GI Joe: Rise of Cobra. There’s no word if that script will appear in this rumored new project or if it’s even related to previous efforts. But still, it’s nice to have news.

It is unknown if any original stars will return for the live-action film. But it is also worth saying that this is still just a rumour, although it is probably a story. Branagh may have captured the hearts of audiences on screen as the super-witted detective Hercule Poirot, but we hope he can do the same from the director’s chair for those who have waited all these years. to see their stone. Gargoyles heroes again.

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Source: Giant Freakin robot, Belfast Telegraph

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