June 17, 2024

Mountain Biker Dies After Helping Rescue 4 Dehydrated Hikers In Desert

  • A 24-year-old mountain biker in San Diego has died after helping four hikers in the scorching desert heat.
  • The cyclist, who has not been named, and his friends stopped to help the dehydrated hikers on Saturday.
  • After falling several times, he fell unconscious while trying to return to his group.

A 24-year-old mountain biker died Saturday after helping rescue four hikers who were dehydrated in San Diego’s 106-degree desert heat, authorities said.

The cyclist, who was not named, and his friends were in Jacumba when they came across four hikers who were suffering from heat exhaustion and were dehydrated. a fire official told NBC San Diego.

The hikers had no food or water, and the emergency services received a call in the early afternoon saying that the group was suffering from symptoms related to heat illness, according to the outlet.

The mountain biker and another cyclist stayed with the four hikers, while two other bikers went to a trailhead about five miles away to give directions to arriving emergency crews, according to Fox 5 San Diego.

The four hikers were evaluated by paramedics, who were treated and released at the scene, fire officials told Fox 5.

As the hikers were rescued, the mountain biker and his friend, who both stayed behind, began riding down the trail to meet the other two, Fox 5 reported.

The 24-year-old biker fell several times along the way, San Diego County Public Safety Group representative Chuck Westerheide told NBC San Diego.

At one point, he became separated from his friend, the only person who survived, Cal Fire Capt. Brent Pascua said. San Diego Union-Tribune.

The other cyclists eventually found their friend unconscious about a quarter mile from the trailhead, Pascua said.

He was taken to an air-conditioned truck, then evacuated by air ambulance, Pascua said. Paramedics worked to save the cyclist’s life, but he was pronounced dead at 5:45 pm, Pascua added.

The cause of death has not been determined, NBC San Diego reported.

Temperatures in Jacumba reached up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday, according to AccuWeather.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Cal Fire wrote that it evaluated six people at the scene, and was treating one patient who was in critical condition.

“A big thank you to the people on the scene who were able to direct the firefighters and the rescue helicopter to where the patients were in this very rough and remote area,” Cal Fire said.

The department urged people to bring “adequate amounts of water and food” when out in the countryside, and to “plan activities earlier in the day when temperatures are cooler.”

“When it’s this hot, it might be a good idea to plan the hike another day, or at least early in the morning so it’s not in the heat of the day,” Pascua told NBC San Diego. “And when you do, take a lot of water, take more water than you think you’ll need.”

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