February 21, 2024

New Affordable Plugable USB4 Dock Offers 8K And 120Hz Support

Plugable is a computer accessories company that makes a variety of products suitable for work and home spaces. The Redmond-headquartered company has announced its latest USB4 Dual HDMI Docking Station.

Utilizing the 40Gbps bandwidth provided by USB4, this high-performance dock was revealed today in a press release issued by Plugable Inc. The new dock provides impressive display resolutions of up to 8K and has 11 ports to expand the connectivity of almost any laptop.

To achieve the best video performance, Plugable leveraging the latest VIA Labs chipsets available it is one of the first docking stations on the market to support dual HDMI displays at resolutions up to 4K with an impressive 120Hz refresh rate. The result is smoother, more fluid images that are ideal for video editing, graphic rendering, gaming or work.

The new docking station can also support a single 8K display with a 60Hz refresh rate. One caveat here is that your laptop must support HBR3 DSC. The easiest way to tell if your laptop is up to the job is to look for the Intel EVO logo. You can use this dock with the highest resolutions if you have that.

The Plugable UD-4VPD docking station has enough ports to turn almost any laptop into a mini workstation. Available connections include four USB ports, with one Type C port offering 20W charging capacity to charge your smartphone. Before the launch, I spoke with Pluagable’s founder Bernie Thompson, who told me that the new dock comes in under the $200 price point without compromising on specs.

In addition to USB ports and a couple of HDMI outputs, the new dock also has a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port to keep up with the latest fiber Internet connections. With this specification, the dock would be ideal for corporate precipitation. For audio, the dock offers a combination 3.5mm jack that can be used to connect headphones or a set of external speakers. For photographers, Plugable includes high-speed SD/MicroSD memory card readers for quick file access and transfer.

Safe Host Charging enables laptops to be charged with 100W USB-C Power Delivery, featuring safe power negotiation for computers that don’t need as much power. The UD-4VPD docking station benefits from USB4 technology with a bandwidth of up to 40Gbps to service all ports. The 170W power brick supplied with the dock has enough juice to power the ports of the dock and provide the laptop with up to 100W of power.

This new dock is also fully compatible with Thunderbolt 4 systems, providing connectivity across multiple devices. Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C hosts are also supported, although there may be reduced display mode options in some cases. Connectivity is provided via a single 1m USB4 Type-C cable (included), reducing cable clutter.

The UD-4VPD Plugable Docking Station is designed for Windows 10 and newer. The dock can also be used with Macs but since macOS does not support MST, only one external screen can be connected as an extended display. You could run two external displays from it but they will mirror each other.

Pricing & Availability: The USB4 Plugable Dual HDMI Docking Station (UD-4VPD) is now available on Amazon and costs $199.95 with a $15 off coupon.

More information: pluggable.com

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