June 17, 2024

Pokemon Sleep Players Cuddle Up & Share Favorite Snuggly Experiences

Sleeping Pokémon has gracefully landed in the hands of a number of players over the past week with beta tests being implemented and the game being available in select countries ahead of the US launch – which we hope to see in the coming days. With that said, those who have played the game so far have shared their thoughts.

While Pokemon Go gets people outdoors and active, the Pokemon Sleep app is being used to track sleep patterns. Players are already saying positive things about the game as it is helping them and supporting them to get better sleep. Both these mobile games have great features to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. In the Pokemon Reddit community, players are sharing their experiences on how Pokemon Sleep is going for them so far.

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Players Share What Their Sleeping Experience Was Like With Pokemon Sleep

In the post on the Pokémon subreddit, Silicomb explains their thoughts on the game so far, first noting that the app allows players to set their own bedtime, which will prompt Pokémon Sleep to send a notification half an hour in advance so players can start preparing for it. bed. The fans told him they lost their sleep, but it didn’t seem to mess up their game except for the missed opportunity for extra rewards the next morning.

The early access player then explains that the phone being used for Pokemon Sleep will need to be plugged in during the night and, as advertised, face next to the pillow to track movements. They noticed that the screen would go dark, so the display was not at all. Players can also set an alarm for when they want to wake up the next morning to benefit their sleep cycle.

Finally, they said it would continue with tutorials to explain everything in more depth on the first morning of using the app. Some players then expressed concern that the batteries in their phones were not charging well and that their devices were getting very hot while using Pokemon Sleep, while another user suggested that these things could be fixed later after sending them.

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Players overall are reporting how it’s helping their sleep schedules, and are excited to continue using it. Another thing to keep in mind is the Pokemon Go Plus + device launching later this week, which should help players not worry about leaving their phones running all night, but instead use the Cute Pokeball button.

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