May 24, 2024

You will be heading to Mexico for the Autumn Festival in Puerto Vallarta this Autumn

Over the past century or so, Puerto Vallarta has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, mainly due to its stunning location, its enviable location on one of the largest and most prominent bays in the world, BahÍa de Banderas, its idyllic climate, beautiful beaches, tropical lagoons, and rich history and heritage.

If you’re thinking about vacationing in this cultural gem on Mexico’s Pacific coast, you may be wondering what time of year is best to visit. Although the summer months are always popular, coinciding with school holidays, other seasons may be more suited to your travel style. Many outdoor activities are best done in other seasons, when it is less humid and rainy, but the weather is still sunny and warm.

The local events calendar also offers plenty of exciting events and iconic celebrations that you may want to plan your visit around. For example, next fall there will be a community-wide celebration of everything from the nation’s history, Mexican cuisine and fall holiday traditions to sports tournaments, awareness marathons, beach parties, nightlife productions, wellness retreats and more.

Guadalajara celebrates the International Mariachi Meeting every year.  (Photo: via Sectur Guadalajara).

Traditional Mexican Mariachi band. (Source: Sectur Guadalajara)

Here are some of the most anticipated local events coming to Puerto Vallarta this fall:

National Holidays (Mexican Independence Day)

September 15 – 16, 2023

Puerto Vallarta’s annual celebration of this national holiday offers visitors an incomparable opportunity to experience authentic Mexican fare, be swept up in exuberant Mariachi music, taste some Tequila and other local spirits, while joining in patriotic chants “Viva México!”. You can expect to enjoy live music, dancing and various traditional antojitos (snacks) in Puerto Vallarta’s historic Plaza de Armas (Main Square), transformed into a family-friendly festival venue.

Crystal Grand Nueva Vallarta

Krystal Grand Nueva Vallarta will host the 2023 Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomica event. (Source: Krystal Hotels & Resorts)

15th Annual gastronomy Vallarta Nayarit 2023

September 29 – October 7, 2023

The number one gastronomic event held throughout Mexico and Latin America, the 15th Edition of ‘Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica’ to be held at the Krystal Grand Nueva Vallarta The theme of this year’s expo is ‘The Culinary Factor: Cooking a New Era’, heralding “the beginning of a new era of culinary experiences”, according to the events website. There will be appearances and presentations by some of the most innovative chefs and mixologists, including Michelin star chefs, ‘Top 50’ and famous chefs from Mexico, Latin America and its programs, to be held at paradisiacal venues various around the bay. even Europe. The program of events includes a series of special gourmet dinners, wine tastings hosted by world-class sommeliers, and other tastings and workshops for culinary professionals and the general public.

Dancers painted on the Day of the Dead in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Performers painted up for the Day of the Dead in Mexico. (Source: iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus / loeskieboom)

Day of the Dead, 2023

November 1 – 2, 2023

Puerto Vallarta’s Day of the Dead (Día de Los Muertos) festival is pretty epic, so much so that it was named a Guinness World Record Holder as of last year.The highest Calavera Catrina in the world‘, which was 75.5 feet high on the Malecon boardwalk and became the site of various ofrendas (altars created to commemorate deceased family members) and more than 80 huge, elaborately decorated ‘sugar skulls’. The traditional character Catrina was the artistic centerpiece of the city-wide celebration of the dearly departed who is seen the day after Halloween according to Americans.

Puerto Vallarta puts on a comprehensive program of cultural activities and festivals to commemorate the timed Mexican fiesta, which ends, for residents, with an obligatory visit to the cemeteries, where families gather to honor their give to their loved ones who have passed on. Besides being a solemn occasion, the spirit of the holiday is celebratory, so you’ll find local cemeteries filled with live Mariachi music, and vendors selling decorative yellow flowers and Mexican food.

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