June 17, 2024

Scientists discover an ancient underwater volcano is still active – covered in up to a million giant eggs

The mountain’s summit was covered in thousands of giant, ravioli-shaped eggs. (Image credit: NEPDEP 2023)

Researchers exploring an ancient underwater volcano off Canada’s Pacific coast have discovered it is still active – and “covered” in thousands of giant eggs.

Before the trip, the team thought the volcano was extinct and the waters around it frigid. However, they found the underwater mountain – which towers 3,600 feet (1,100 meters) above the seabed – hot water spout and encrusted with deep sea corals. The warm, mineral-rich fluid maintains the surrounding waters well, providing ideal conditions for several marine creatures to survive in the deep sea. The Pacific white skate researchers were even more surprised (Bathyraja spinosissima) weaving in and out of the fronds and laying eggs on the summit, nearly a mile (1.5 kilometers) below the surface.

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