May 21, 2024

A*STAR, Singapore’s EVYD, announces $8M project to support digital health collaborations

Health technology company EVYD Technology and the Science, Technology and Research Agency, Singapore’s leading R&D agency, have launched a joint AI research lab focused on population health and digital health.

At the same time, they announced a S$10 million ($7.5 million) joint lab project to facilitate multi-institutional cross-border collaboration in digital health.


According to a press release, the A*STAR-EVYD Joint Lab will be applying AI to solve industry-specific challenges in population health and digital health..

For one, it seeks to encourage the adoption of healthy habits by collecting health domain data and developing a well-being score, supported by behavioral science.

The lab will also explore a health concierge service that uses large language models in a healthcare context; use remote health monitoring for early disease detection; and streamlining diagnostic workflows to assist clinicians in data interpretation and diagnostic assessment.

Besides, it will be a pilot testing and deployment of AI-driven medical data processing and secure data technologies for practical validation applications outside of laboratory settings. It will also organize workshops, seminars, or conferences to facilitate information sharing among the health care community.


A significant pledge of this new AI lab is S$10 million a project that aims to solve regulatory challenges and concerns related to inter-regional data sharing to allow cross-border multi-institutional collaboration in digital health. To be led by the A*STAR High Performance Computing Institute, the project will incorporate secure data technologies to enable healthcare entities to keep sensitive data within their IT infrastructure, allowing local and international healthcare providers, research institutions, and companies joint health care. create innovative healthcare solutions.


Last year, A*STAR joined a similar collaboration to foster digital health collaborations. He signed a a memorandum of understanding with Johnson & Johnson Vision to establish a consortium focused on digital innovations in eye health. Over three years, it will promote public-private partnerships that advance eye health research and solutions that address eye health problems within the Asia-Pacific region. Emerging technologies, such as blockchain and AI, and data privacy preservation techniques will also be leveraged to establish trusted data access and enable data sharing among consortium members.


“The establishment of the A*STAR-EVYD Collaborative will be a dynamic platform to foster collaboration with the healthcare community and facilitate cross-sector partnerships. Together, we will work towards advancing AI-powered digital health solutions that can with them to improve patient outcomes. This partnership demonstrates A*STAR’s commitment to developing more AI applications in healthcare, to better address the emerging healthcare challenges of our time,” said Lim Keng Hui, professor and assistant chief executive of the A*STAR Science and Engineering Research Council.

“The A*STAR-EVYD Joint Laboratory is a strategic collaboration with great potential to transform patient outcomes on a global scale. Through leverage [AI]advanced data processing techniques and privacy preservation technologies, EVYD Technology and IHPC A*STAR aim to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in population health and digital health,” added EVYD Technology CEO Ming Jie Chua.

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