June 24, 2024

Software Development Company Nexcom Launches Genetic AI Tech That Will Revolutionize the Call Center Industry

Nexcom announcing the launch of their AI customer service generation program that raises the success rate of call center services to well over 95%.

Nexcom technology uses generative AI and analytical AI to significantly reduce the workload within the call center. Users of the software have two options depending on the needs of the organization.

Rolf Gordon Adamson

The first is to give full authority to the AI ​​which allows the system to automatically respond to the customer’s every need. This is not simply limited to the AI ​​communicating with customers as it can also have full access to company data, allowing the system to pull up customer records and fulfill their needs. The second option is for the AI ​​to complete all responses but require a team member to approve the content. This allows the company to maintain full control and provide employees with a streamlined and time-efficient tool.

The current way for many organizations to reduce costs is to outsource the work to other nations in low cost areas. This was primarily a cost cutting method and only the second thought satisfied the customer. Because of this the customer response was mostly negative. With the technological progress and the launch of its platform. Nexcom is giving organizations another option to not only reduce costs but also prioritize customer satisfaction.

Nexcom started with analytical AI and transcription technology to monitor and understand every aspect of how a call center operates. The company was then able to determine the most valuable insights into how a call center can improve its operations through the AI ​​technology they have developed.

Nexcom developed the technology to improve performance across the call center industry. Nexcom CEO Rolf Adamson has over 25 years working in the customer service industry. He has first-hand experience of the needs of providing better operational methods to call centers around the world. According to Adamson, AI customer service technology consolidates all of the digital operating systems into one platform.

“I’ve worked with companies that had to train their staff in 120 different operating systems, and training and maintenance wasted too much time and money,” says Adamson. “The customer service AI technology we’ve developed eliminates the need for many of those systems because the AI ​​can take over many of the functions they’re performing. We’ve created a system that allows the call center agents to serve the customers. and let the AI ​​do the rest Due to our vast experience within the industry itself, we know what our clients want. That is the exact reason we built our platform on the only recognized standard performance management software in the world. This program to meet the exact needs we have had during our time in the industry.”

According to Adamson, the AI ​​technology developed by Nexcom is the first of its kind. He says other AI platforms don’t have the ability to go in and transform information into another platform and start taking over the operations. Nexcom AI software has more than a 95% accuracy rate in finding and delivering information and completing call center workload tasks. Adamson says other AI platforms only have about a 70-80% accuracy rate, which can translate into a lot of errors for your company.

The successful implementation of Nexcom’s AI software into their client’s software platforms enabled the company to begin developing fully automated AI customer service that includes voice technology.

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