March 3, 2024

Kay Vess Star Wars Outlaws Inspired by Students Like Han Solo And Jack Sparrow

Star wars exclusivity The main character Kay Vess will find inspiration from famous big screen rogues such as Han Solo and Jack Sparrow while still being relatable in their own way. Ubisoft announced its open world for the first time Star wars game back in 2021, but fans wouldn’t know exactly what this project would entail until the Xbox Game Showcase in June. There, developer Massive Entertainment finally pulled back the curtain Star wars exclusivity. Players will get to explore the shady criminal underworld Star wars galaxy by doing smuggling jobs for various criminal factions and avoiding the forces of the oppressive Empire by GTA-motivated by wanting a system.

In the heart of the Star wars exclusivity‘ is the story of Kay Vess, a young scoundrel trying to make a name for herself in the Galaxy Far Away. In contrast to the Jedi and Sith who often serve as its main characters Star wars video games, Kay is trying to survive among the numerous criminal organizations that populate the darkest corners of the galaxy, with only a handful of allies like her loyal pet companion Nix and the mysterious Jalen – a benefactor who looks suspicious. the fan-favorite Star wars To install the gaming hero Kyle Katarn.

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Kyle isn’t the only classic Star wars Huge character looked with and crafting Star wars exclusivity‘ a team of scoundrels and criminals, as Kay Vess herself finds some inspiration from Han Solo. In the latest issue of Edge Magazine, Star wars exclusivity Creative director Julian Gerighty revealed some of the influences his team drew on when designing Kay. According to him, Massive immediately thought of the legendary smuggler when creating the personality of Kay, along with his fellow scoundrel Lando Calrissian. The team at Massive also looked at famous silver screen rogues like Indiana Jones, James Bond, and even Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean Heroes.

Julian Gerighty even revealed that he was a child more appealing to Han and Chewbacca’s outlaw nature than any of the other heroes in the original. Star wars trilogy, and this inspired his desire to create a similar character i Star wars exclusivity. Meanwhile, the team at Massive wanted Kay Vess to be more relatable, and refined their initial concept to create a character that Gerighty describes as “a small fish in a huge pond”. Indeed, Kay is said to be a rookie in the criminal landscape Star wars Galaxy, making deals with powerful faction leaders and ending up in a situation far beyond anything she could have prepared herself for.

Star wars he often centers his characters around traditional archetypes, with good scoundrels like Han Solo and Jack Sparrow said to be his main influences Star Wars Outlaws new heroine Kay Vess. Outlaws’ The premise could even take Kay in a darker direction than the movies went away with Han, making this new character more interesting for fans to explore and play. Star wars exclusivity launches sometime next year.

Star wars exclusivity coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S in 2024.

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Source: Edge Magazine (via Radar games)

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