April 17, 2024

Tears Of The Kingdom Player Builds A Working Basketball Hoop

In Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, we don’t see what the people of Hyrule do in their free time. They’re mostly cowering or preparing for war with unstoppable demonic forces and a blood moon calling the recently dead back to life for another bout of raids – there’s barely room for a nip to the cafe and a trip to the movies. However, with so many tools in the sandbox to play with, one TotK player has created a basketball hoop to pass the time between shrine delves and Bokoblin torture.

Zakuya shared a short 11-second clip on Twitter where we see them throwing melons into a metal cage held in the air by a wooden beam with a wooden panel behind it, creating the shape of a basketball hoop. The cage is fused with a shield to keep it in place, but the advantage is that, being a cage, the melons (read: basketballs) don’t come out when they go in. It’s more of a game how many melons you squeeze the hoop before it fills.

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This is the same TotK player who put together the giant wooden statue with a flaming penis back in May, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their creation. Luckily we only have a nice little basketball game other than whatever was going on at the launch.

Compared to some of the more complex builds, such as functional helicopters, orbital cannons, self-destructing motorcycles, and wall crawling vehicles, this basketball hoop is pretty simple to assemble. You can probably make it out of the 11-second clip alone, and then you’re free to throw balls instead of hands for a change.

Of course, there’s no multiplayer in TotK and the denizens of Hyrule aren’t likely to join you – unless you unsuspectingly rope Koroks into the mix – so you’ll be playing alone. You can always set up a second hoop and pass the controller.

Unlike Mario, Zelda never had its own sports sequel, so this is the next best thing, but it’s not new to the Breath of the Wild series. Back in 2017, players put together great sports montages when they snowboarded down mountains on shields, glided across the oceans, and flung themselves in enemies attached to huge cubes. Basketball is a little less off the rails, but tie Korok to something and throw him in the hoop and we’re talking.

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