March 3, 2024

Artist Shows What A Mandalorian Game Could Look Like And We Must Play It Now

An artist recently showed off some concept art for a hypothetical video game based on The Mandalorian. Set in the time between the end of the original Star wars trilogy and the beginning of the Sequels, The Mandalorian tells the story of Din Djarin, a masked Mandalorian warrior who finds a mysterious child with Force abilities while traveling across the galaxy. Both Din and his adorable baby ward Grogu became overnight fan favorites once they debuted on Disney+ in 2019, and the former has even been included as a playable character in games like Fortnite and Game LEGO star wars the Skywalker Saga.

Of course, a lot Star wars there are fans left who want to stand alone Mandalay game, one that could explore Din’s life as a bounty hunter before he meets Grogu in the style of a triple-A RPG title like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Last year, rumors began to spread about a Mandalay-centric MMO from The Go to Elder Online developer ZeniMax Online Studios, and although no official confirmation has been received regarding it since there are many great models and Mandalay Game box covers.

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Gav, Twitter user and technical UI artist for Game Star Wars: Battlefront developer EA DICE, recently shared its model and concept pitch for a hypothetical Mandalay video game. Subtitled “Way of the Warrior,” this tease includes a shot of Din Djarin exploring a new desert planet called Zerona and a character customization screen where players could choose new helmets and armor for the mercenary to wear on his travels. Gav even put together a short animation of the game’s start screen, which they describe as swinging through the speed of light to where the player left off during their last session when they selected the “Continue” option forward”.

While fans will wait to see if the rumored Mandalay It is a real game, there is plenty of other exciting Star wars titles on the horizon. Will be released next year Star wars exclusivityan open-world title from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment that will allow players to explore the Star wars underworld as an aspiring scoundrel. Meanwhile, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor developer Respawn is working on a new FPS title that is said to draw inspiration from the past Star wars good shooters Dark Forces.

All of this is promising, but there are still plenty of fans who would like to be behind the veil of Din Djarin, or at least play through major events like the Purge of Mandalore in a blockbuster video game. Gav’s recent draft account for a chance Mandalay The game highlights the potential of such a title and gives these enthusiastic players a glimpse of what it would be like to explore the galaxy as the armored Disney+ star.

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