February 29, 2024

The 15 Best Leather Apple Watch Bands in 2023

Whether you’re new to Apple Watch or have worn one for years, it’s hard not to miss the classic feel of a leather watch band. They’re timeless accessories that work wonders to enhance the overall look of any of the best Apple Watch models you can buy.

Fortunately, there is a wide selection of leather Apple Watch bands. Aside from Apple’s offerings, there are plenty of quality third-party options, including luxury investment pieces from brands like Coach, Nomad, and Hermès.

Below are 15 of the best leather Apple Watch bands available. While most of our picks say they’re made for specific Apple Watch models, size and straps vary to fit different models. Make sure you double check the product listing and size of your watch to make sure it fits.

If you’re looking for other style options, check out our guide to the best designer Apple Watch bands, the best metal Apple Watch bands, and the best Apple Watch Ultra bands.

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  • Nomad consistently produces quality leather goods, and this sleek and classic watch band is no exception. It will patina over time, adding a unique sophistication to each piece.

  • The Bellroy watch band is made with a combination of leather and durable plastic specifically to combat sweat build-up, but it doesn’t make any sacrifices for design.

  • This simple and elegant leather band is handcrafted in the United States. It will patina over time, making it a great lifetime piece with reliable craftsmanship.

  • A watch band direct from Apple will guarantee fit and long-lasting quality, as well as seamless integration and color matching with any other Apple accessories.

  • If you like Apple’s leather band but are wary of its price, INI has a high-quality dupe that’s under $25. The magnetic closure eliminates metal hardware and allows for micro-adjustments to the fit of the watch.

  • This band is slightly thicker due to its three-layer design, including a reinforcement layer for the cowhide-covered structure, all neatly stitched with contrasting thread.

  • This no-frills band is suitable for all occasions and will add a patina to wear. Made in Léon, Mexico from a single piece of full-grain leather, it’s a quality piece that will last a lifetime.

  • This Casetify band can be worn as a standard single watch band or as a double wrap statement piece with an additional piece of leather included with your purchase.

  • If utility is your priority, the Bestig leather band has a silicone inner lining for sweat wicking and durability. At less than $15, it’s a great low-cost, high-functioning pick.

  • The Harber London product range includes a wide range of high quality leather products, including this elegant watch band with custom stainless steel hardware.

  • Although the Apple Watch MIFA leather band may take more wear and tear because it’s made from a thicker grade of leather, it’s a solid budget option for a leather band.

  • The Apple watch band collection by luxury brand Hermès includes a variety of colors and styles, including this chic leather and chain option.

  • Available in three color options (each stitched or unstitched), this premium leather Apple Watch band from Portland Leather Goods is made with quality and detail in mind.

  • A classic and classy brown leather band that won’t break the bank, Fossil’s offering lives up to its standard of quality leather accessories.

  • It’s no surprise that Coach’s Apple Watch bands are visually stunning, and the quality is excellent too. We like the model with charm that adds flair and personality.


What is the best Apple Watch leather band?

It’s our top pick for an Apple Watch leather band Bellroy’s for its quality, style, and construction. However, your own individual preferences should be heavily factored into your choice.

For example, if you work outdoors or plan to wear your leather watch band every day, it might be worth choosing a more practical piece such as Climb up music band. If style or a luxury brand name is your focus, the Coach, Hermes or Fossil All picks are excellent.

Are Apple bonds better than third party options?

Buying a watch band directly from Apple will ensure that the watch band fits properly and has stellar longevity, but Apple products can have a higher price without having higher quality leather than third-party bands.

In the end, you can get a decent, durable leather band for less than $30.

Are Apple Watch leather bands suitable for all versions of the Apple Watch?

Most Apple Watch bands are made for specific models of the Apple Watch due to the difference in screen size between models.

Our list includes options that accommodate multiple models, so you can choose your Apple Watch size to ensure a perfect fit.

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