June 15, 2024

Draymond Green can’t stop talking about Jordan Poole hitting him in the face

The IS Golden State Warriors Draymond Green never got around to picking Jordan Poole in training camp to begin their title defense ahead of the 2022-2023 season. The first reports of Green Punching Poole in practice occurred in early October, with video surfacing a few days later. The incident seemed to hang over Golden State all year: The Warriors finished as the No. 1 seed. 6 in the West at 44-38, and ended up being upset in the second round of the NBA Playoffs at the Los Angeles defectors.

The Warriors traded Poole and re-signed Green to a new contract at the start of this season. Poole is now a Washington Wizard, with longtime rival Chris Paul returning to Golden State. Green resurfaced on a four-year, $100 deal. Almost everyone has moved past the punch of training camp … except Green.

Green appeared on Patrick Beverley’s podcast this week and again commented on why he beat Poole. Green said he would lose his cool out of nowhere – that the attraction between him and Poole had been building over time. Listen to Green’s comments here:

Here’s from Green:

“I don’t just hit people. Of course dialogue happens over time, and usually something doesn’t quickly inspire you to that extent. You know what I’m saying? This is a team. No one on my team is encouraging me instantly. We know things you don’t say among men. We know things you have to stand on.”

Poole’s father responded on Twitter.

Although Poole has never spoken publicly about the incident, Green can’t stop talking about it. He self-produced a 21-minute documentary about punk called “The Countdown”. This clip aired just days into the season, and it felt like something that should have been handled internally.

As Green’s latest comments were making the rounds on Wednesday, NBA fans seemed to agree that they were getting tired of Draymond talking so much.

Green seems to prove in the NBA playoffs every year that he is still a high impact player. He remains, perhaps, the smartest defender in the NBA, as well as a critical connecting piece on offense even when his scoring prowess has waned. Still, there are times when it feels like Green is more interested in boosting his media career than acting for the heroes.

Time is running out on Golden State’s championship run. With four rings on his finger, Green’s legacy is intact. It would be nice to see him keep the focus on the upcoming season instead of storytelling.

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