June 17, 2024

‘Escape From Tarkov’ Wipe Not Coming Until August

Next wipe for Escape from Tarkov free, Not due until August, however, the patch that comes with it will have a lot of changes, including a ton of quality-of-life improvements that will make the game much easier to play.

The announcement was made during a live stream from developers Battle State Games earlier today, where the development team confirmed that the new wipe won’t arrive until sometime in August, making it one of the later mid-year wipes. The team declined to give an exact date, as always, but hoped it would be sooner rather than later.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the new wipe, with the current one running a bit longer than usual. This was probably due to the launch of a patch a few weeks ago designed to improve performance i Escape from Tarkov free,but it only worked for some players, and others reported worse performance as a result.

However, based on the roadmap that the team has been sharing, it looks like this will be a significant patch, with a lot of additions to the game. The first new feature announced, actually Tarkov style, the In addition to helmet-mounted flashlights, were big things. Then we got some much needed updates, such as an improved healing menu and QOL updates for consumable usage, as well as a sold feature from scav runs. The big QOL change to the trading and quest UI is a huge improvement, meaning you no longer have to go back multiple screens to change the trader you’re talking to.

As for actual new content, the Streets of Tarkov map will be making some changes including some new areas to explore, and some more optimization tweaks as you’d expect if it’s getting bigger! There are also a load of new weapons and modifications, including the PKM, SVT, AK12 and AVT40 to name a few. Then a new boss will also be added to Streets of Tarkov.

As the name suggests, enjoy it Escape from Tarkov free, almost all the progress you have earned in the game is removed. All your gear, character level, hidden progress and more are wiped and everyone starts from scratch. While it may seem great to outsiders, this is the way things go inside Tarkov and it means that everyone is back on a level playing field. It also keeps the game fresh and usually arrives alongside a big new patch that players can get excited about.

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