June 19, 2024

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Flop was a ‘mess’

  • The “Gigli” director has reflected on the “ghastly cadaver of a movie,” 20 years after its release.
  • said Martin Brest Diversity that he regrets not getting out of the flop with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.
  • He also said that the film is so sick that he cannot bring himself to say his name out loud.

The director of “Gigli” has said that the film is so painful to him that he cannot even bring himself to say the name out loud.

Speaking to Diversityopened by filmmaker Martin Brest in 2003 critically and commercially panned film, which starred Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, revealing that while he knows his filmmaking “inside and out,” he doesn’t “even know what’s on that film, frankly, because of the way where it happened.”

“Even the name … I refer to it as ‘the G movie,'” he said. “Probably the less said about him the better.”

The director of “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Midnight Run” later said that the film he first made was very different from the one that audiences watched in theaters.

The film centers around the gangsters Gigli (Affleck) and Ricki (Lopez), who are both sent on the same kidnapping mission, but soon begin to fall apart.

“I wonder if a film has ever been changed so much… I’m sure it has in the history of Hollywood, but it was such a radical change,” explained Brest.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck star in “Gigli.”

Sony released pictures

He continued: “The themes of the film were very different. The story was different. The purpose of the film was different. But I cannot avoid the blame.”

“It’s so weird – I don’t actually remember the film that was released, because I wasn’t down with it the way I was under the hood of all my other films. So it’s a bloody mess it deserved,” he said. .

When asked why the film changed so much from his vision to the final product, Brest said that “extensive disagreements” between him and the studio behind the film – Sony Pictures – had a lot to do with it, as certain “re-handling and rearranging”. view.

According to Brest, post-production was halted for eight months while he and the studio tried to reach a compromise.

“In the end, I was left with two choices: to quit the film or to be caught mangling the film,” said Brest. “To my eternal regret, I didn’t get off, so I’m responsible for some terrible movie stuff.”

Despite Brest’s bad experience with the film, at least two people are grateful that “Gigli” exists: Affleck and Lopez, who met on the set of the thriller in 2001 and started a relationship shortly after.

At the time, Lopez was married to Cris Judd, her second husband (she was briefly married to Ojani Noa before that), but by the summer of 2002, she had filed for divorce and gone public with the “Gone Girl” star. .

The couple became engaged in November of that year, before their marriage was dissolved in 2004. In 2021, the two progressed their relationship and in July 2022, they finally became husband and wife.

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