April 24, 2024

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From the impact of your ZIP code on life expectancy to the ways race and income affect your experience with medical care, inequality is an important backdrop to health in America. We show how this works with our reporting, often in collaboration with local journalists across the country.


'Young people are being harmed': the effect of anti-trans legislation

So far this year, lawmakers in nearly every state have introduced more than 550 anti-transgender bills — more than in the past eight years combined.

How the lack of Medicaid expansion perpetuates rural poverty in the Deep South

Louisiana expanded Medicaid. Mississippi was not. How are lives changed as a result?

It was the Rubber Capital of the World.  The health effects last.

In Akron, Ohio, toxic exposure from tire industry jobs sickened people and took lives


The EPA is trying to expand the ban on a deadly chemical on store shelves

Sustained pressure and a Public Integrity investigation prompted an earlier ban on certain products containing methylene chloride. The EPA would extend that to all consumer and ‘most’ business uses.

How racism and inequality created a 'viral underclass' of COVID-19

A new book shows how science won the battle against disease, and racism and capitalism won the war.

GAO Report: Nursing home staffing is a priority to limit the spread of COVID

Thousands of nursing home residents have been killed by COVID-19 since 2020. GAO report says residents are at risk of severe illness.

Protecting people's health in the era of global warming

Environmental protection is a big job in the most populous state. Yana Garcia comes to him with a background in environmental justice.

New research links racism to higher birth rates in Black women

Two new studies add to the growing evidence that racism—including heritability of translineage—influences preterm birth rates in the US.

Reproductive justice pioneer on what the abortion debate is missing

Loretta J. Ross, a 2022 MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” recipient, advanced the concept of reproductive justice versus reproductive rights.


After decades of death and regulatory inaction, the federal government announced a rule Friday that will ban retail sales of products made from paint with an ingredient that has undoubtedly killed people when used in bath colors, floors,…

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The Center for Public Integrity was recognized Tuesday with a 2023 Mental Health America media award for Christine Herman’s reporting on the challenges families face in accessing mental health care. The story was published in partnership with Side Effects Public Media…

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The Environmental Protection Agency’s Office for Civil Rights will more aggressively evaluate recipients of EPA funding to ensure they comply with federal civil rights laws, the office said in a draft strategic plan released last week. Billed as an effort that “advances EPA’s civil rights mission,” the…

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