June 24, 2024

Home Depot cashier fired after revealing customer information while trending NPC viral

Published: 2023-07-19T15:04:22

Updated: 2023-07-19T15:04:34

A Home Depot employee was allegedly fired during his TikTok live, after revealing customer information at work while making the viral NPC trend.

Content creator LolaTheeItGirl (lolabunny3248) shared a viral clip of another TikToker trending an NPC live stream while working at Home Depot.

The trend sees TikTok streamers pretend to be non-playable characters often seen in video games, appearing to repeat the same robotic movements and catchphrases over and over again.

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I the video, the Home Depot cashier was seen acting like a live robot while working on a program. “When Play AI on Live Gets You Fired,” read a text overlay. “DISCLOSURE OF CUSTOMER INFORMATION.”

A customer went to the program as the streamer continued to earn money by acting as an NPC. “Hello, ready for checkout?” asked the TikToker, before the video cut to him taking the customer’s information. “Okay, can I have the account’s phone number?”

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TikToker accidentally discloses customer information

Unfortunately, as the cashier entered his phone number, he forgot to mute his live stream. In the live chat, some users joked about calling the customer, while others urged him to stop doxxing people.

The cashier remained committed to his AI role, although more viewers began to mock him and suggest that he will lose his job after revealing the customer’s personal information.

Towards the end of the video, the TikToker recorded himself answering a call at the store, presumably from his manager. A large text overlay indicated that it is “caught” streaming during work.

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Many TikTok users took to the comments to criticize the live stream. “So he ended it live when he was quitting but not when he was releasing someone else’s personal information,” one wrote.

“I just don’t understand doing this at work, it’s a recipe for disaster,” said another. “It’s wild that he would be so comfortable doing this at work in front of customers,” said someone else.

Those who watched it live claimed that the employee was not worried about losing his job. “Bro even said it live yesterday, ‘I don’t care about this job anyway they don’t pay me enough,'” shared one user.

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