June 15, 2024

Inside Dahlia, LA Cocktail Room Designed By Kelly Wearstler

Fueled by a new wave of hospitality, art and design destinations, downtown Los Angeles is experiencing a cultural renaissance—and the Downtown LA Proper Hotel is proving to be a driving force. Although the forward designed bolt hole has only been in operation for two years, its bones are steeped in history. Proper’s DTLA is a rich heritage structure originally designed in the Roaring Twenties by renowned architects Curlett & Beelman, which was meant to serve as a private club frequented by luminaries such as Cecil B. DeMille. The geographic charisma is enhanced by its proximity to celebrated cultural venues such as the Crypto.com Arena, LA Live, Walt Disney Concert Hall, MOCA, and The Broad Museum. And this summer, the Dahlia hotel presents, the concept of the cocktail lounge that adds a fresh spark to revive and redefine the narrative of the area, cleverly sewing threads from the city’s historical past into its attractive presence.

The arrival of Dahlia – so named for a flower native to Mexico – marks the end of the downtown LA Proper Hotel’s culinary trinity: Together with the Portuguese-inspired Caldo Verde and the trendy rooftop lounge, Cara Cara, Dahlia is the t -a personal hideaway that contains to savor and sip an elevated cocktail experience that balances the pillars of the mix with a strong selection of mostly small-batch spirits.

Behind Dahlia’s visual transformation is renowned designer Kelly Wearstler – this is the final step in her top-down renovation of The Proper – which pays homage to its historic architecture while remaining fresh and relevant. “[For Dahlia,] we’ve drawn on Spanish, Mexican, Moorish and early Californian references, but we’ve kept them contemporary so that the interior conveys without being reductive,” she explains. “Each space in the property takes a different approach but responds to the same principals. We also placed particular emphasis on the art conservation, which will last for years and draws inspiration from the architecture of the building.”

Entering Dahlia, visitors are enveloped in earthy tones of terracotta and pink-undertones that greatly offset Ruemmler’s exquisite silk ceiling fixtures. “The room with monochromatic clay tinted clay plaster walls and handmade tiles establishes integrity and depth in the room, which is ultimately timeless,” continues the designer. “From there, crafted furnishings, lighting and contemporary and vintage artworks have been brought together so that the space feels collected and unstaged.”

In Wearstler’s diverse portfolio, Dahlia stands out as a unique offering: a variation from its usual ventures, one distinguished by the intimacy of the space to facilitate an immersive cocktail journey. She treats the destination as more than just a venue, but as a carefully designed jewel (“jewel box”) tailored to enhance the guest experience. “Dahlia is the smallest venue we’ve created for any Cuí hotel, so it had to be extra special,” she explained. . Because of this sharp focus on creating this kind of cocktail drama, we needed an atmosphere that would entice the guests to stay longer, to cocoon in their seats. Wearstler reflects, “I think we’ve achieved that.”

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