February 23, 2024

Police Reveal ‘Never-Discussed’ Details of Carlee Russell’s Case

Police investigating the disappearance — and subsequent reappearance — of Alabama woman Carlee Russell released new details about the investigation Tuesday night, revealing that they were only able to speak briefly with the 25-year-old. age after she turned up at her house 49 hours in a row. eerie 911 call, they are now “waiting for her to be made available for a more detailed statement.”

Russell disappeared last week after calling 911 to report a child walking on the interstate in Hoover, Alabama. According to an earlier statement from police, after the 911 call, she called a family member to report the same details. The family member “lost contact with her, but the line remained open.” Police found her car abandoned – still running with her belongings inside, leading them to fear she had been kidnapped.

She turned up at her home about 49 hours later–and details of what happened to the nursing student are scant, although her parents told the Today show that their daughter was kidnapped and left with mental and physical trauma.

On Tuesday night, Hoover police said Russell stopped at a Target on Highway 280 to buy some “food-type snack items” before he went missing. Those items were not recovered in or around her car where her keys and wig were found, police said.

They claim that despite heavy traffic in the area, and surveillance footage, police are unable to verify Russell’s report of a toddler walking down the intersection.

Then, in more security footage taken from her neighborhood just before she comes home, Russell is seen “walking down the sidewalk by himself.” Police have not yet released additional details from the video.

Although initial 911 reports indicated that Russell was “unresponsive but breathing,” police say first responders found her “conscious and speaking.”

“That’s the term used in the Hoover Fire Department’s initial dispatch to the residence, and the information about his condition was just dispatches sending information from what the 911 caller told the emergency communicator,” police said.

Several items of evidence are “crucial in the process of determining exactly what happened in the approximately 49 hours that Carlee was missing,” police said, adding that the anonymous items are being considered.

Although police were able to speak with Russell briefly after she landed again, it is unclear when they may speak with her again.

A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday where police are expected to discuss the case in more detail.

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