March 5, 2024

PSA: For Goodness’ sake, Don’t Fall For This Nintendo Switch 2 ‘Leak’

Image: Nintendo Life

Now that the Nintendo Switch is in its sixth year of life, rumors and speculation naturally turn to its inevitable successor.

Even Nintendo itself admitted that “it won’t be easy for him [Switch] hardware sales to continue at the same pace in the future as seen in recent years”, indicating that while the console is still selling reasonably well, it’s safe to assume that attention will soon be on the company’s next piece of hardware.

So, “leaks” are bound to rear their ugly heads on the internet, and we’re here to make sure you’re aware of their validity (or lack thereof, in most cases). Take the tweet below from the user @ChitoGamingLive, for example. It shows two images of the so-called ‘Nintendo Switch 2’, but frankly, we’re not sure in the least.

So let’s break down why this is almost certainly fake, shall we?

First, just look at the whole concept. We know Nintendo has strayed into ‘what the heck’ areas with previous console designs, but this one really takes the cake. It’s straight ugly, right? The Joy-Con design is particularly egregious, with its weird sliding mechanic and over-rounded corners. I don’t want thank you.

There also appear to be two separate SKUs for the console. We have the standard ‘Switch 2’ on the right and the ‘Switch 2 Max’ on the left. One would assume that the Max version only offers a dock for use with TVs, but if you look closely, the actual design of the console itself is different. We don’t know about you, but we don’t see Nintendo forcing its customers to choose between two SKUs at launch.

Finally, the images are just oodles of iffy details that are of little interest. Why does the UI only show current Nintendo Switch games, for example? Why is the Splatoon 3 box art inverted? Why are all words capitalized in Tears of the Kingdom? And why is it called ‘Change 2’?! Nintendo is more creative than that.

See, the point is, don’t fall for it. Please.

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