February 23, 2024

Rex Heuermann: Eerie Google Street View appears to capture suspect Gilgo Beach talking to a woman near the office

An eerie Google Street View image appears to show suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann chatting with an unidentified woman near his office in Midtown Manhattan.

The photo, taken in June 2022, reveals a man matching the description of the 59-year-old father of two on East 36th Street in New York City.

It shows the Massapequa Park architect standing next to a young woman with her arms folded outside a smoke shop.

He was arrested just months before law enforcement targeted him as the prime suspect behind the gruesome deaths of three female sex workers whose bodies were found dumped in burlap bags on Long Island.

The image was first found by people online scouring the internet for any trace of the father-of-two.

Mr. Heuermann, a Manhattan architect who lives in Massapequa Park, was arrested Thursday and charged with the murders of three women who disappeared between 2007 and 2010.

He pleaded not guilty to three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of Megan Waterman, Melissa Barthelemy and Amber Costello.

Court documents say Mr. Heuermann is also the “prime suspect” in the murder of a fourth woman, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, although he is not facing charges in connection with her death.

The four women are known as the “Gilgo Four” – and they are among the 11 victims whose bodies were found along a stretch of Ocean Parkway in Long Island in 2010 and 2011.

Michael Brown, Mr Heuermann’s solicitor, has said his client is innocent and there was “nothing” about him to suggest he was involved in the murders.

A Google street view image appears to show Rex Heuermann chatting with a woman near his office

(Google street view)

“He has entered a plea of ​​not guilty and has indicated that he did not commit these crimes. There is nothing about Mr. Heuermann to suggest that he is involved in these incidents,” he said.

“And while the government has decided to target him despite more significant and forceful instructions, we look forward to defending him in a court of law before a jury that is fair and impartial to his peers.”

But investigators and family members of the victims disagree.

“Rex Heuermann is a demon who walked among us. a predator that destroyed families,” Suffolk County police commissioner Rodney Harris told PIX 11.

Lynn Barthelemy, the mother of victim Melissa Barthelemy, told NBC News on Friday that she hopes he “suffers.”

“I want him to suffer from other prisoners. Let him get what the girls got,” she said.

“Death is too good for him. It’s too easy,” she said.

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