March 2, 2024

The Sonic Superstars animated intro is giving the right classic vibes

I’m a big fan of Sonic Boom. I know, that might be controversial. Sonic fans have long debated the best Sonic CD soundtrack between the Japanese and American releases.

At least for the opening, I always loved the American version: Sonic Boom. The chugging electric guitars! The earworm voice harmonizes! The key change from verse to chorus! of Japan You Can Do Anything is funky ’90s bop that’s basically Sonic, and Sonic Boom set the tone for the later, potentially heavy, Sonic Adventure games. I prefer that classic 90’s sound overall but something about “Sonic boooom Sonic boooom” makes me so excited for another high speed adventure – what can I say, I like cheese.

All that to say, I love the animated Sonic intros. And the just-released intro for Sega’s upcoming Sonic Superstars hits all the right notes.

Sonic Superstars – Opening AnimationWatch on YouTube

Back in the 90s, Sonic CD animation blew my mind – seeing my favorite pixelated character speed around a gorgeous hand-drawn 3D environment, plunging off cliffs and surfing across water was a complete cartoon dream. Sega please, give us a 3D Sonic game in this style!

Later, Game Sonic Mania he also gave us a more modern and stylized effort with Tails and Knuckles, his song a cute and catchy electronic number, a little whirring. Then The origin of Sonic added in animated cutscenes to the original games using classic themes.

Sega is continuing that 2D legacy with Sonic Superstars: a return to sidescrolling platforming with its own animated intro. “New trills, classic feels,” is treasure.

Sonically (no pun intended), Sonic is found to feel bright and sunny classic, while the hills and checkerboard loops really matter to the visuals. The hand-drawn style and color palette are reminiscent of Sonic CD, somewhere between the vintage look of that game and the slick modernity of Sonic Origins.

Multiple Sonics in Sonic Superstars opening

The whole gang is here, with emerald powers. | Image credit: Sega

There are hints, too, of what the game will feature: the iconic badnik and animal designs, emerald powers, and appearances from Robotnik, Fang the Hunter, and new villain Trip.

It’s not just Sonic either: tails are appearing in his Tornado biplane, Amy is smacking enemies with her hammer, and Knuckles is angry. This is a four-player co-op game, of course.

Overall it’s a great introduction that – like the game itself – gives all the right classic Sonic vibes. I can’t wait to play the whole thing.

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