June 19, 2024

TikToker Renovates Former Police Station Into ‘Dream’ Home

  • A TikToker said she started documenting the renovation of an old police station into her ‘dream house’ in 2020.
  • Viewers applauded the unusual residence, as others said the idea disgusted them.
  • Progress on a handful of rooms is progressing slowly, as she recognized the enormity of the effort.

An Ohio woman said on TikTok that she is in the process of transforming an old police station into her “dream home”.

TikTok user @forsythe_em, who goes by Emily, first posted about the reform in December 2020, showing a walkthrough of the building, whose front door indicated it was the Liverpool Township Police Department in Liverpool, Ohio.

In one video in the series, Emily said a commentator She walked by the new residence as it was located “just down the block from where we live.” The renovations, she said in another video caption, she was doing “#fixerupperhusband.”

In video 2o2o December, Emily took the audience upstairs, where the desks were still strewn with papers, and indicated what would eventually become the master bedroom. From an upstairs hall, there was a “sweet view of the living room” below, she said.

Emily also shared the demolition progress, including converting two small public men’s and women’s bathrooms downstairs to one huge bathroom, she said. She told one commenter that she and her family had no experience with remodeling but relied on “lots of YouTube videos” and leaning on “good friends/family who are willing to help us.”

Commentators applauded the undertaking – even as some spotted strange relics from the building’s previous tenants.

“I want a weird and unique house though,” wrote one. “I would love to do something like this.”

Another said sarcastically, “I’m glad I’m not the only one with a gun rack above my toilet” – to which Emily replied, “You can never be too safe.”

Some people said it would be too mystical to live in the energy of a former police station. “I would be scared,” wrote one.

About a year after the venture was announced, Emily shared some progress: a seemingly finished bedroom, she said was for her daughter, Evie, decorated with new wooden floors, a rocking chair and a purple record player.

Then, in September 2022, Emily shared some living room updateswhere its dated brown walls were painted a friendly green, wooden floors were laid down, and a new brick fireplace area was installed.

Although there have been no updates since then, Emily acknowledged the huge venture in her final video of the series so far. “Thank you!” she wrote to one commenter praising the progress. “It’s a big project!”

Unlikely places are a hot topic on TikTok. Some, like a Milwaukee mall converted into swanky apartments, have earned praise, while others, including a sloppily converted live/work space in Northern California, have earned praise on the app.

Emily did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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