June 17, 2024

X-Men ’97 Toy Reveals First Look At Storm And X-Jet In Marvel Show

Marvel Studios’ latest upcoming toy X-Men ’97 featuring Ororo Monroe with a new Storm look and a redesigned X-Jet.

X-Men: The Animated Series premiered in 1992 on Fox Kids Network and is still considered one of the best Marvel cartoon shows. The series adapted stories from the comics much better than any of the live-action ones X-Men movies and remains the definitive image for many fans of the iconic mutant superhero team. Disney announced plans to continue the series in November 2021, and fans were excited despite the fact that the cartoon ended in 1997.

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Disney was releasing merchandise ahead of its premiere X-Men ’97, has already shown the return of a classic X-Men villain. The latest release features fan favorite Ororo Monroe as Storm and the iconic X-Jet. Both look slightly different from their original designs from the ’90s, but fans are already giving their approval.

The four-inch Storm figure depicts the Egyptian weather goddess sporting her most famous mohawk in the Days of Future Past storyline, and her outfit seems close to the original. The X-Jet, on the other hand, has seen several upgrades since fans last saw it. The trusty X-Men ride is a bit sportier and has bigger windows. Since Storm is the only crew member included with the X-Jet, fans are speculating that she will be the main pilot.

Although Storm is sporting a new hairstyle, Alison Sealy-Smith, the original voice actress for the weather-controlling mutant, is still voicing it. X-Men: The Animated Series. Many other original voice actors are reprising their roles, including Lenore Zann as Rogue, Cal Dodd as Wolverine, George Buza as Beast, and Chris Potter as Gambit. New voice talents, such as legendary voice actress Jennifer Hale, are joining the show/

Not much has been revealed about it X-Men ’97‘s plot, but Disney has confirmed the main villain for the first season Mr. Sinister. Mr. Sinister was a common enemy in the original series with a harmless plan to take down the X-Men. No X-Men story would be complete without the presence of Eric Lensherr as Magneto, and X-Men ’97 it is no exception. The omega-level mutant’s role in the new show is still unclear, but Disney announced that he would be taking on a leading role in the X-Men.

Little else is known about him X-Men ’97including whether it will release in late 2023. While fans will have to wait to see the new look of Storm, the X-Jet, and the rest of the team, they can always catch up on the original series on Disney Plus.

X-Men ’97 It is expected to be released on Disney Plus in late 2023.

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