May 19, 2024

Gamer Dad Lets 6-Year-Old Son Play His Xbox, Ends in Disaster

An unfortunate situation happened to a gamer’s father when an attempt was made to divide his share Xbox with his son ended in disaster. In the past, gamer dad stories have usually featured a PS5 surprise for Christmas or a similar heartwarming event, but this dad learned the hard way that it’s best not to look away when a young child is in his captain of a gaming console.



Using video games as a way to bond can be an incredible experience. Whether it’s using games to keep in touch with friends, bond with a child or family member, or even using online games to feel close to long-distance partners, they have a special ability to bring people together. closer together. For many who are now adults, video games were a natural part of their childhood, and it’s not natural for them to be forced to pass that on as a parent. When it comes to games available on Xbox, there are a variety of titles that parents can show their kids to get them interested in gaming, but one dad’s attempt at bonding with his son over Xbox went wrong.

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While letting his six-year-old son play Xbox, Reddit user NoTangebleHuman had to face the horror of having his son completely destroyed. Skyrim save data. Although this is not the first Skyrim disaster, this is definitely one of the worst on the list. It goes without saying how much time and effort this dad put in Skyrim but it is gone in the blink of an eye.

Not only did the son destroy the whole thing Skyrim save data, but it also deleted three other anonymous games. It’s unfortunate that NoTangebleHuman’s son went on a successful destruction spree before anything fishy was noticed, but fellow Reddit players flooded the post with comments about similar situations. There have been some heartwarming stories of parents and children coming together through video games, like a parent recently building a Switch Joy-Con shelf for their child, but this attempt to bring a family together through games didn’t turn out nearly as sweet.

Although this data loss has ended, NoTangebleHuman can at least take comfort in knowing that both parents and older siblings are facing similar circumstances. When a child or sibling gets old enough, it’s only natural to want to share something special with them, and Xbox is something that many parents look forward to sharing with their children. However, in cases like this some parents can understand that perhaps they should wait longer.

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