February 21, 2024

Tears of the Kingdom Fans Make the Game’s Pizza Recipe in Real Life

Driven by inspiration from the food found in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm, fans recreated the game’s pizza recipe in real life and shared their take on the recipe on social media with other fans. For their effort, another Tears of the Kingdom the players thanked the chef for sharing their delicious pizza recipe.

As was the case in Breath of the WildA variety of recipes remain available for Link i Tears of the Kingdom. Most of the recipes of Hyrule not only restore health but can grant Link a buff such as faster running speed and increased resistance to Gloom and other elemental hazards. Additionally, some of the meals that Link can make can range from simple items like pulled roast meat to elaborate dishes like cake or even pizza. With a pizza paddle and ready ingredients, one Zelda fans took the initiative to actually bake a Hylian dish.

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On Reddit, a user named shots-by-leo created a real-life Hylian Tomato Pizza and shared their work on the r/gaming subreddit. I Tears of the Kingdom, Hylian Tomato Pizza is listed as recipe number 107, which calls for one Hylian Tomato, one stalk of Tabantha Wheat, and one piece of Hateno Cheese. Meat can be added to the pizza for extra HP recovery or stamina for Link, but using other ingredients will turn it into a different meal. In the OP’s version of Hylian Tomato Pizza, they chose to omit any meat, sticking to a wheat crust, use homemade tomato sauce, and chose mozzarella cheese as a stand-in for Hateno Cheese.

Per the OP’s recipe, they topped the pizza with some sliced ​​bell peppers, black olives, and native tomatoes sliced ​​fresh off the vine. Although there are some Tears of the Kingdom meals can be made in unique ways, the Hylian Tomato Pizza is made using a standard cooking pot. But, shots-by-leo chose to bake the pizza in a standard oven. The recipe also used a pizza stone placed in an oven during preheating, but the OP said a sheet pan can work in most cases. In the comments section, Zelda fans thanked the OP for sharing their recipe, and one Reddit user said the post inspired them to make their own pizzas.

Although some games have disgusting food dishes, the Hylian Tomato Pizza of Tears of the Kingdom which is not among them. With gamers like shots-by-leo making tasty treats, it remains to be seen what else Zelda Fans will create next.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm now available for Nintendo Switch.

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