February 23, 2024

‘And Just Like That’ Episode 6 Recap: Miranda’s humiliation continues

From then on And Just Like That for the first time in 2021, group of hard Sex and the City her fans have been worried about what happened to Miranda Hobbes. Between her messy break-up with her husband, Steve, her even messier situation with the stand-up comedian (I repeat: stand-up comedian) Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez), and that hasty, stereotypical alcoholism subplotour girl doesn’t seem to be winning on this show—even as other characters, like her friend, Charlotte York, find new life.

This week, things don’t get any better. In fact, they become much worse when a bomb cyclone hits Manhattan. The frosty air quickly begins to feel like a metaphor, at least in Miranda’s life. She and Che don’t just end up breaking up, either (although, thank God, they do). This week, she and Steve get into their first real fight since the split – and it’s the kind of argument you can’t take back.

Not everyone is having a terrible time this week. The snowbomb gives Carrie the chance to break out a really funny pomeranian coat with the Anastasia– like a silhouette as she goes to “Widow Con” to read an extract from her memoirs. The real name of the event, hosted by her jilted former writing partner (played by SATC newcomer Rachel Dratch), much less sexy—”Life After Death: A Women’s Storytelling Event”—but Carrie’s reading is a hit. Better? When the snow clears and summer sets in, she will officially be sharing a house with her friend Seema Patel in the Hamptons.

Meanwhile, Kristin Davis will steal the show again this season as Charlotte embarks on an icy quest to find condoms for her young daughter, Lily, so she can safely lose her virginity. (With all bleated “Please!” by the man sweeping inside a closed pharmacy, Davis earns her paycheck again.) As the apparent condom request might share, it pales in comparison to Lily’s (denied) demand that her mother also book her a table at Nobu for a pre-date lunch date. This “Blake” kid better be worth it!

Unfortunately, the clouds have been hovering over Miranda for some time now. She and Che have been picking on each other for weeks, and her son, Brady, is complaining at home and in therapy about the ways his parents treat each other at the house they still share. (As any New Yorker can tell you, roommate exes can take a while to find new apartments.)

And yet, neither Miranda nor Steve had figured it out until now – months into their relationship. Miranda has been blaming herself for a long time, saying things like (this week), “It must be nice to have a no-fault divorce. Divorce is ‘all my fault.'” Most of the time, Steve refused to look in her direction, but this week, he finally let loose when Miranda informed him, in a low moment, that only her name is on her mortgage—a low blow, especially considering how much sweat equity we know he put into it when they first moved in last year. SATC.

“This is my house-my house,” said Steve. “me done it – this kitchen, I built it! He was a shithole before I did everything.”

Then, things get really ugly. “You never wanted to come here to Brooklyn,” Steve tells his wife of many years. “I never needed you. You never even wanted Brady. So why don’t you get a new place and get out of our lives?”

Of all the things Steve does in the heat of the moment, throwing in the fact that Miranda considered an abortion when she first found out she was unexpectedly single and pregnant with Brady, it’s the cruelest thing to do – which is probably why he starts apologizing immediately as Miranda starts to cry. While Steve comforts her, a condom wrapper on the nightstand adds insult to injury.

Carrie informs Miranda that Steve said he would never move on, but that is clearly not true. Our newly emancipated Miranda is now ready to pull up her divorce papers. Unfortunately, when she shares this news with Che, she finds out that they are also breaking up—because of course they are!!!

“Two breakups back to back,” says Miranda. “I’m killing it here.”

Much like how he suddenly introduced some new, non-white characters, And Just Like That Miranda had some struggles when he first started. In addition to her new drinking problem, the former law partner was suddenly distrustful of anyone who wasn’t white or under the age of 60. And, yes, it seemed like we wanted the sequential series to believe that Miranda would cheat out of boredom. This double breakup feels like the result of too much shame that Cynthia Nixon doesn’t deserve.

As a long time Sex and the City fans who often wondered why Miranda telegraphed such queerness without being really queer, part of me always wanted to accept the chaos and roots of her relationship with Che. Unfortunately, And Just Like That it is impossible to give her marriage to Steve short shrift. This is a relationship that has been tested many times before; he faces cancer, an unplanned pregnancy, a sick mother-in-law, religious differences, and, yes, a dangerous move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. And it ends like this – really? For a New York fairy tale of a show, this is all starting to feel a little too close to how things actually work.

Really, it wouldn’t be such a big mess if Che Diaz hadn’t been portrayed as such a monster from day one. Sometimes people fall in and out of love, and not always gracefully – we’re all human! But the disrespect persists, even when Miranda moves to California to be with her new lover. It would be a terrible achievement this week if the comedian wins audacity calling Miranda his “mom” while complaining about her on the phone to their mutual friend, Carrie.

First of all, um, yuck – and also, how old are we? Miranda was dumped once Blair Underwood to be with Steve, and now we are supposed to believe that she has dumped Steve for this?

If there’s one silver lining out there for Miranda (and all of us who love her) after this week’s episode, it’s that when you get into “stop back-to-back” territory, there’s usually nowhere to go but up. With any luck, our favorite former power attorney will get his mojo back in no time. But more importantly: Seriously, who gets the house?

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