April 24, 2024

The Best iPhone 14 Pro Cases in 2023

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro is one of the best iPhones you can buy, as well as one of the most expensive phones on the market. The high price tag of the premium phone makes it especially worth protecting with a reliable case.

The best iPhone 14 Pro cases retain core functionality and built-in features, such as MagSafe charging, and keep your phone safe from accidental damage and looking its best.

For your consideration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite iPhone 14 Pro cases from Apple and trusted brands like Otterbox, Smartish, and more.

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  • Made from tanned leather, the exterior of this case is soft in your hand and adds a little extra bulk to your iPhone while still protecting it from all kinds of damage.

  • This Apple-designed clear case has a strong scratch-resistant coating that protects your phone and the case from scrapes.

  • Apple’s Silicone case has a silky exterior that stands up well to wear and tear. There is also a microfiber lining for added scratch protection.

  • Totallee’s Thin Case is a minimalist option free from branding. Despite its thinness, there is a lip that adequately protects the phone’s camera.

  • This shock-resistant case has MagSafe compatibility and a built-in basket stand to prop the phone up for watching or recording videos.

  • This square-shaped case is made from recycled materials and trades the iPhone’s natural dimensions for sharp, shock-absorbing corners that add protection.

  • The transparent MagSafe Gear4 case is scratch resistant and can protect your phone from drops of up to 13 feet with its D30 impact protection material.

  • The Intralock is impact resistant and has compatibility with MagSafe accessories and various devices including tripods and bicycles.

  • Featuring antimicrobial technology, the Symmetry+ is a slim option with advanced damage protection, including raised edges to protect the camera.

  • The Smartish Wallet Slayer has a compartment for up to three cards and cash while also offering solid scratch and drop protection.

  • The affordable Gripmunk has MagSafe compatibility and raised, textured grip edges to provide screen and camera protection.

  • The Nomad is a MagSafe leather case that offers 10 feet of drop protection and two lanyard attachment points. It will patina over time for an elegant aged look.

  • Cases offer a sustainable, colorful and stylish option to protect your iPhone while still including MagSafe compatibility.

  • The Presido2 has a soft-touch, scratch-resistant coating and offers 13 feet of drop protection with air-cushioned lining around its perimeter.

  • You can add any text to Casetify’s Custom case and choose from a wide variety of colors. It also offers up to 8.2 feet of drop protection.

  • This leather case and bundled wallet offers three storage cards with a magnetic cover and offers minimal size. It comes in several colors.


Need a case for the iPhone 14 Pro?

iPhones are much more resistant to screen shattering than they once were – especially since the introduction of the Ceramic Shield screen – but it does not mean that they will always survive a fall.

For this reason, as with any of the best iPhones available right now, it’s still advisable to put a sturdy case on your iPhone 14 Pro to protect it from accidental drop damage and everyday wear and tear.

What should I look for in an iPhone 14 Pro case?

There are several important factors to consider when buying a case for the iPhone 14 Pro, beyond your aesthetic preferences and budgetary constraints.

First of all, you should choose a case that is sufficiently scratch resistant and protected against drop damage. To get the most out of the phone, you should look for a case that preserves the functionality of features like MagSafe charging technology.

Will the iPhone 13 Pro case fit the iPhone 14 Pro?

A case meant for the iPhone 13 Pro will not fit the iPhone 14 Pro, as the phones have slightly different dimensions. Be sure to check the listing to confirm that you have selected the correct case for your phone.

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