June 17, 2024

Carlee Russell chased Amber Alerts and the movie Taken before disappearing, police say

Carlee Russell searched for Amber Alerts and the movie Built just days before he disappeared on July 13, police said.

Ms. Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student, went missing on the side of Interstate 459 in Hoover on the night of July 13 – just minutes after calling 911 saying she saw a toddler alone on the road.

She turned up on foot at her parents’ home in Hoover 49 hours later and claimed she had been abducted and barely survived. Since then, Alabama authorities have released a series of internet searches and said they have been unable to verify Ms Russell’s allegations because she has since declined to be interviewed.

On July 11, Miss Russell used her cell phone to look up information about whether a payment is required for an Amber Alert, police said during a press conference Wednesday.

Two days later, on July 13, Miss Russell made two searches related to Amber Alerts using her work computer. One of the searches related to the maximum age for an Amber Alert.

In addition, she searched for details about the film Builtrelated to the kidnapping of a teenager, “how to get money from a program without getting caught” and information about Birmingham bus tickets.

Giving more details about the reported “abduction”, police revealed that when she left work on July 13, she “hid” a dark colored bath and a roll of toilet paper when she left work.

In a press conference Wednesday, police provided details of events leading up to Ms. Russell’s disappearance, which included playing the entire 911 call.

However, investigators in Alabama found “no evidence” that Miss Russell was trying to help a toddler who was walking along a highway when she mysteriously disappeared.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Ms Russell’s car still running with her mobile phone and wig next to it, but no sign of the 25-year-old.

A massive search operation has been launched to try and find the missing woman, with her family appealing for the public to come forward with any information.

Then, two days later on the night of July 15, Hoover police received a 911 call saying Ms. Russell had suddenly returned home on foot.

Now, Hoover police are questioning one of the key elements of the case — saying there’s no evidence a toddler was ever walking along the highway that night.

In addition, authorities revealed more information regarding the case, saying that Ms. Russell visited the Target store to buy snacks shortly before she went missing.

They also confirmed that they were in possession of surveillance footage that showed the moment she returned home.

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