June 17, 2024

Elon Musk’s Twitter Notes Feature was invented by Facebook in 2006

  • For the past few months Twitter has been testing a new feature that allows people to post longer articles.
  • Elon Musk seems excited about it, recently tweeting about its potential.
  • Facebook used to be a fairly similar feature. There’s a reason you don’t remember it.

Elon Musk is excited about a new Twitter feature that means people can publish articles (or even entire bookshe said) on the app.

Originally called Twitter Notes, and now called Articles, it is currently being tested among a small group of users, according to the Twitter website.

It seems to work by creating a “Note card” that has a unique URL that you can then add to your tweet just like any other link, so people can click on it and read your note (or entire book, if that’s your forte) on Twitter.

Musk has said his goal is to stop losing money. Although there are things like Twitter Blue (aka “paying to look verified”) and users pay for the post don’t They look ready to work, at least they felt semi-current – for example YouTube has a premium version that you can pay for, and it also shares advertising revenue with creators.

Not the case with Notes.

Maybe Musk doesn’t remember this (I don’t think many people do) but Facebook also had a feature called Notes. It was also a place where you could write long articles that you could link to from other posts, and you could probably technically publish a whole book on it too, although I’d be very surprised if anyone ever did.

Facebook notes were was introduced in 2006. It was basically the same thing as Twitter Notes, but 17 years earlier.

It wasn’t popular and it wasn’t because it was ahead of its time – it was enough enough platforms back then supported long writing. So much long-form writing was the default internet content, that’s why tweeting was called “microblogging”.

Now, long writing is mainly found on Medium or Subseries, and more platforms which offered similar discontinued features – including Facebook Notes, which was discontinued in 2020.

All in all, it doesn’t seem like the time to roll out a long writing feature. But given how little billionaires have this mindset, I wouldn’t mind Mark Zuckerberg bringing back Facebook Notes despite Musk. Battle of the Notes-no one here wanted to find us.

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