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Game of Thrones fans finish George RR Martin’s book series using ChatGPT

Published: 2023-07-20T06:04:20

Updated: 2023-07-20T06:04:34

Game of Thrones fans tired of waiting for George RR Martin to move forward with the final installments in A Song of Ice and Fire have turned to ChatGPT to complete the story.

Over the past decade, HBO’s Game of Thrones has dominated pop culture like few others have. The hit series was an almost unparalleled phenomenon, keeping millions glued to their screens waiting to see what would happen next in the lands of Westeros.

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Through its eight-season run, the live-action adaptation succeeded in outselling the books it was based on. While the conclusion we got on the silver screen was certainly divisive to say the least, it was a conclusion nonetheless, something A Song of Ice and Fire fans are still waiting for.

It’s been 27 years since the George RR Martin series hit its first pages and 12 years since the latest entry hit store shelves. Despite regularly assuring fans that the sixth chapter, titled The Winds of Winter, is underway, many have long given up hope, leading some to turn to more inventive methods.

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The last episode of Game of Thrones aired four years ago.

As spotlight first at IGN, one particular fan of the series attempted to complete the story themselves with the help of AI-powered ChatGPT. By introducing a series of complex subsequent hints to the program, the software eventually dispersed 45 long chapters of content.

What began as simple bullet points soon evolved into a broader overview of each chapter before finally becoming comprehensive pieces of computer-generated literature. While the finer details may not be to a T, rest assured that ChatGPT wasn’t too long ago, living up to the GRRM name with the last two books producing a whopping 1.2 million words.

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One strength of the AI ​​program seems to be its ability to “keep track of a huge web of characters,” independent developer Liam Swayne said as he shared his project online. In one particular example, a character named Illyrio appeared throughout both books, barely hundreds of pages of content between them, but was still largely forgotten in the grand scheme of the narrative.

Conversely, one major flaw of this generated conclusion seems to be his willingness to resort to GRRM and brutally murdering fan-favorite characters.

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However, the program took some bold steps in its direction for the finale. Extending from the ending we saw with Season 8 on HBO, in this written iteration, we see a few new wrinkles added to the story.

For example, Bran has a distinct vision of the Wall at some point in Swayne’s A Dream of Spring said IGN. It was here that he learned that the Wall was not a huge slab of ice that blocked the great evil Night King, but that it was also a mystical shield preventing the revived army from entering Westeros.

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“This twist fits well within the universe and builds tension for the rest of the story,” said the creator.

Dragon House Poster.HBO

While GRRM’s story may not be moving forward, we’ve seen plenty of his past thanks to the sequel to GoT’s House of the Dragon.

When all was said and done, the developer behind the project emerged with more hope for the future despite seeing the capabilities of AI like ChatGPT firsthand.

“Large language models can be very scary,” he began, “but this project makes me more hopeful about the future of writers and AI. This project gave me confidence that AI will not replace unique literary works anytime soon.

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“To my surprise, I am more confident than when I started this project that writers who make creative and unexpected decisions are irreplaceable.”

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