May 19, 2024

Google Is Reportedly Testing An AI Tool This Article Can Be Written

Google is working on a new artificial intelligence tool, internally codenamed Genesis, that can generate news content, according to(Opens in a new window) to The New York Times.

Google would only say that it is testing “AI-enabled tools” for journalism. “We’re in the early stages of exploring ideas to provide AI-enabled tools to help their journalists with their work,” a Google spokesperson tells PCMag.

It was reportedly supported by the Google Genesis team The New York Times, The Washington Post, and News Corp, owner The Wall Street Journal. The tool is said to be able to write articles by pulling in key details of current events, although it remains to be seen how far and in depth it can go. Google declined to comment on PCMag’s question about where Genesis would get the information to include in the article.

“For example, AI-enabled tools could help journalists with options for headlines or different writing styles,” says Google. “Our goal is to give journalists the option to use these emerging technologies in a way that improves their work and productivity, just as we’re providing helpful tools for people in Gmail and Google Docs.”

As with all things AI, misinformation is a central concern here, which Google has admitted(Opens in a new window) in the past. However, he says that AI tools for journalism “are not meant to replace, and cannot replace, the essential role that journalists play in reporting, creating and fact-checking their articles.”

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These concerns are shared by others in the tech industry, including Bill Gates, who recently wrote about it blog post(Opens in a new window) regarding the risk of AI content influencing elections. “The idea that technology can be used to spread lies and falsehoods is not new. People have been doing it with books and leaflets for centuries. AI takes this problem of fake text and expands it.”

Google’s push for AI-generated journalism also stands to promote its massive impact on the way people find and consume content. In recent years, Google searches have grown to be one of the biggest traffic drivers for digital publications, including PCMag. Tools like Genesis would increase the company’s impact beyond helping readers find articles to write the articles as well. This could open the door to Google’s search algorithms prioritizing articles generated by its AI tools, although Google declined to comment when asked if it plans to do so.

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