March 3, 2024

Hawaiian Airlines Gives $12 Voucher After Flight Delayed for 30 Hours

  • A passenger said Hawaiian Airlines only compensated him with a $12 meal voucher after his flight was delayed, according to PIX11News.
  • The flight from New York City to Honolulu, Hawaii was delayed for more than 30 hours on Tuesday.
  • Hawaiian said crew members reported an odor that forced the flight to be delayed for maintenance.

A passenger said he only received a $12 food voucher from Hawaiian Airlines after his flight with the airline was delayed more than 30 hours.

Jeff White, the passenger, said he was stranded at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City on Tuesday for more than a day after his flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, was delayed. according to a report from local television station PIX11 News.

“It was a circus,” White told PIX11 News, adding that hundreds of other passengers were stranded at the airport waiting for the flight to be rescheduled. According to White, Hawaiian was unwilling to return the passengers’ bags so they could take another flight to Hawaii.

“There are small children … elderly people, and mothers with newborn babies who could not get their luggage back because of this delayed flight,” he told PIX11News.

White said in the report that passengers, including himself, only received a $12 food voucher from Hawaiian in return. According to a report from April by local news outlet Hell Gate NYC, a turkey sandwich from CIBO’s Gourmet Express Market at JFK Airport costs at least $14.99.

The flight was delayed because there was an issue with toxic air flowing through the Hawaiian aircraft, White and another passenger who declined to be named in the report.

White said passengers were upset about the ordeal and that their travels are “ruined.”

“This is supposed to be Hawaiian Airlines. They are supposed to get us to the land of aloha,” White told PIX11News, adding that “people who have lost wages, income, and vacation time” because of the delayed flight.

According to the Hawaiian websitepassengers are eligible for refunds and travel arrangements on other carriers if the airline’s flights are delayed, mixed up or cancelled.

“We will transport you, subject to availability and non-stop, to your destination, the next stopping point, or the transfer point shown on our portion of your Ticket, in the same class of service, at no additional cost to you,” Hawaiian notes on its website.

Hawaiian told PIX11News that the flight was delayed after the crew “reported an odor during a pre-departure cabin check on HA51.” Maintenance crews then had to inspect the aircraft, Hawaiian said.

“The problem continued to be resolved into this morning, forcing our flight crews to exceed and require the maximum number of duty hours allowed by law.[ed] return to the hotel to rest,” Hawaii said in the report, adding that passenger safety is the “highest priority.”

Hawaiian Airlines is certified as a 3-star airline, according to Skytrax.

Hawaiian did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment outside of regular business hours.

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