March 3, 2024

Star Rail Leak Reveals Ascension and Trace Materials for Version 1.3 Characters

A new Honkai: Star Rail a leak revealed the necessary materials to upgrade Ascension and Trace version 1.3 characters. Honkai: Star Rail the update received version 1.2 this week, but with the popularity of the game, leaks about future updates appear daily.

the beginning of Blade and Kafka i Honkai: Star Rail one of the highlights of version 1.2, which finally introduced players to the long-awaited 5-star characters. But the arrival of the Stellaron Hunters is only part of the latest content, because Honkai: Star Rail new stages and additional rewards for players. As well as keeping the public engaged with new characters and areas to explore, Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2 brought a new batch of events where players can get rewards like Stellar Jades.

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Twitter user DevilTakoyaki revealed the materials needed to level the Ascension and Tracks of version 1.3 characters. Honkai: Star Rail announced Fu Xuan earlier this month, players can upgrade their Ascension with Nail of the Ape, Artifex’s Gyreheart, 887,800 Credits, Character EXP (290), or Character EXP (1160) Material. Imbibitor Lunae is already a hit among players, and to suppress his Ascension is to Suppress Edict, Lumintwig Immortal, 887,800 Credits, Character EXP (290), or Character EXP Material (1160). Lynx Nail of the Ape, Squirming Core, 826,200 credits, Character EXP (290), or Character EXP (1160) will be required.

The upcoming five star characters are Fu Xuan and Imbibitor Lunae Honkai: Star Rail. Meanwhile, Lynx will be a new four-star character. Upgrading Trace Lynx requires Ochema’s Infinite Regret, Squirming Heart, Flower of Eternity, 2.4 million Credits, and 5 Tracks of Destiny. Players can strengthen Trace Imbibitor Lunae with Ochema Infinite Regret, Immortal Lumintwig, Worldbreaker Blade, 3 Million Credits, and 8 Tracks of Destiny. To upgrade Trace Fu Xuan, one of the Six Charioteers of Xianzhou Luofu, players will need Ochema Infinite Regret, Gyreheart Artifex, Amber Protection, 3 million Credits, and 8 Fate Traces. It’s worth noting that since this is a leak, the Ascension and Trace materials for Fu Xuan, Imbibitor Lunae, and Lynx may vary in type and quantity when the three are officially released.

Imbibitor Lunae, Fu Xuan, and Lynx have not yet set a set date Honkai: Star Rail. Despite this, players have shown particular interest in Imbibitor Lunae due to the possible connection with Dan Heng, which the game has not revealed yet. Although the three will not be the first Honkai: Star Railplayers can draw for Kafka or Blade, and find out where the new four-star character Luka plays in the game’s meta.

Honkai: Star Rail now available for Android, iOS, and PC. PlayStation 5 version launches in Q4 2023.

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Source: Twitter/DevilTakoyaki

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