June 17, 2024

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San Diego Comic-Con has always been one of the most exciting times for Marvel fans. We had a great time in 2018 with the original Marvel’s Spider-Man, and we were thrilled to make a return trip to Hall H today to talk about it Spider-man 2 marvel. For those of you who couldn’t join us – here’s a recap of what happened!

We wanted to start the panel off with a bang, kicking off our brand new Story Trailer. Look!

The trailer sets up our story in the game and also give you your first full look at the monstrous Venom in Marvel New York! Here’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Senior Narrative Director Jon Paquette to offer a deeper look:

“At the beginning of our story, our Spiders are at their peak,” Paquette said. “But Peter Parker and Miles Morales are struggling with their personal lives. Miles is trying to find time to write his college admissions essay, but keeps procrastinating and focusing on Spider-Work instead. Meanwhile, Peter is swamped with payments for Aunt May’s house, but he can’t sell it, it means too much to him. And just like Miles, Peter tries (and fails) to balance so many responsibilities. MJ is trying to help Pete with the mortgage, but her job is moving on now that J. Jonah Jameson is back at the Bugle and trying to clean house. Our heroes have come to a crossroads, with an uncertain future, and some tough decisions ahead of them.”

When Kraven’s hunters arrive in the city, it reveals a mystery as to why they are there and who, and what, they are hunting. But as the Spider-Men and MJ delve deeper into Kraven’s motivations, the symbiote begins to threaten Marvel’s New York and everyone and everything they love.

As many of you noticed in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Gameplay Trailer from PlayStation Showcase in May, Peter’s new Black Suit has changed his personality and gives him new, powerful symbiote abilities. You see bits of that in this trailer too, and you can see Peter’s symbiote powers taxing his relationships with Miles, MJ and Harry.

(Spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 ahead!) Considering how much Miles Morales looks to Peter for mentorship and guidance, this creates additional problems. Aside from trying to figure out what’s next in his life, Miles continues to struggle with the death of his father at the hands of Martin Li, aka Mister Negative. As you saw from the trailer, you haven’t seen the last of Mister Negative.

We asked Senior Creative Director Bryan Intihar about some of the new abilities players will get to use in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

“We’ve always thought of our Spider-Heroes as ‘acrobatic improvisers,’ and in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we wanted to give them new ways to do that during combat,” said Intihar. “This includes Pete’s Spider and Symbiote powers, and Miles now brings two forms of bioelectric Venom to every fight. And when you start combining these abilities with new spiders like the Web Grabber, it can lead to some exciting combos.”

This trailer also provided some new looks at our expanded Marvel New York. Now, you’ll be able to swing across the East River and explore Brooklyn and Queens. Coney Island will also be featured in the trailer and we can’t wait for you to explore it! And one way you can explore is with the Web Wings! We hear more from Senior Game Director Ryan Smith:

“We’re really excited for people to try Web Wings,” says Smith. “We thought it was a great opportunity to take something that people have seen in comics and movies and integrate it into the game. Pacing is at the heart of our Spider-Man crossover, so we designed the Web Wings to work with and complement pacing. That way you can weave back and forth between the two to increase speed and height. However, when you use the Web Wings with our wind tunnels, that’s one of the ways to really get across the city and really push the crossing speed, which was one of our goals. Thanks to the power and speed of the PS5, Web Wings add another layer to our traversal system and change how you look at getting around different parts of the city.”

With the reveal of Venom we thought it only fitting to bring out the Collector’s Edition Statue for the first time and show it off to the crowd.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yours, be sure to check with direct.playstation.com or, in countries not served by Direct, your local retailer!

We asked both Bryan and Jon about bringing an iconic Marvel character like Venom to life in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

“Our philosophy has always been that we want to respect the history of the franchise and the Spider-Man DNA, but also not be afraid to mix things up,” Intihar said. “The same is true for one of her iconic characters, Venom. While fans should be familiar with the character’s appearance and powers/abilities, this will be a unique Venom story that we’re excited for everyone to experience this October.”

“When we decided to craft the Venom story, we knew we would be making a change in tone. The best symbiotic stories serve as an allegory: We all have darkness inside of us – but what would happen if we let it take over? With the introduction of the symbiote into our franchise, our heroes are forced to fight darkness, in all its forms,” said Paquette. “We wanted to see them change, inside and out, and feel the impact it has on those around them. And when Venom takes over, they risk losing themselves and their loved ones forever.”

Venom was brought to life by the great actor Tony Todd. We have admired Tony for a long time and were so grateful to work with him to play Venom. His voice work brings Insomniac’s stunning new design to the character – and Senior Art Director Jacinda Chew explains further:

“Our Venom was inspired by the comics, but there were so many interpretations that it was fun to pick and choose what fit the game,” said Chew. “It’s a unique take on the white spider icon and has human anatomy. He also has powerful tendril attacks that can take many forms. Finding the right balance between liquid and solid in Venom’s materials was challenging as too watery makes him look weak and too solid can turn him into a tentacle monster. Venom has to look both powerful and semi-liquid at the same time.”

We had some more fun news to share from CCCT. We’re excited to work with one of my favorite poster artists, Tomer Hanuka, along with Marvel Games and Mondo, to produce a brand new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 poster for San Diego Comic-Con. The poster features Venom fighting our Spider-Men in Tomer’s signature art style. While the sale of the variant screenprint (Edition 215) is limited to Mondo’s Booth (Booth 5137) at the event, the Timed Edition screenprint is for sale at Mondo on their website! It is available from now until Sunday, July 23rd at 9:59pm PDT and they will print one for everyone who places an order. There is also a special Promo Edition lithograph that the developers and voice actors will be signing at the Marvel Booth (Booth #2329) on Thursday, July 20th.

We also discussed another collaboration with Mondo to release a vinyl soundtrack of the game’s amazing score by composer John Paesano. Kris Anka loves vinyl with his incredible art currently in development. Starting today you will be able to pre-order the vinyl from the Mondo website.

Finally – we had one last big announcement to make and it’s one you’ve all been waiting for! If you missed it, watch the video below.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: A New Story Trailer

That’s right! Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will appear on custom hardware PlayStation 5. The PS5 Console – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition has a custom PS5 console cover design with the symbiote closing in on our icon White Spider. Plus, a compatible DualSense wireless controller is included which once again showcases the symbiote threat swinging across the entire controller! The bundle also includes a voucher for a digital copy of the game.

And you’ll be delighted to know that for those of you who already own a PS5 console, you’ll be able to purchase these Limited Edition items separately as individual products if you wish. For those of you who have a PS5 console with a disc drive, you can purchase PlayStation 5 Console Covers – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition. If you own a PS5 Digital Edition, you can buy PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console Covers – Spider-Man 2 Marvel Limited Edition. And finally, you’ll be able to buy the DualSense wireless controller – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition separately, too.

We are excited to announce that the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Bundle, PS5 console covers, PS5 Digital Edition covers, and DualSense wireless controller will be released on September 1St. Pre-orders start on July 28thth

For players who purchase the full PS5 bundle, the included game voucher can be redeemed when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releases on October 20. Players who purchase the bundle, which has a voucher for the digital Standard Edition of the game, will receive the same pre-order incentive items available to those who pre-order Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including an early unlock for Peter Arachk 3 color changer for Peter Arachk color changer early unlock for Shadow 3 Suit for Peter color changer 3 for Melse color changer early unlock og 3 for Shadow-Night 3 Suits. additional color variants, unlocking the Web Grabber widget early, and 3 skill points.

For all the details on where and how to pre-order, as well as additional details on the Limited Edition designs, please see the blog post here.

Spider-man 2 marvel now available for Pre-Order on Playstation Store. We can’t wait for you to play the game on October 20, only on PS5. As always, recently, be sure to follow Insomniac Games Twitter and Instagram.

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