April 24, 2024

A photo of Connecticut McDonald’s $18 Big Mac meal sparks an online debate

An image of a McDonald’s menu this week went viral because people couldn’t believe the prices shown. Twitter user Sam Learner says he snapped the photo at a McDonald’s located at a rest stop in Connecticut. In the photo, the Big Mac combo meal – with fries and a soft drink – is $17.59.

Other combo meals, like the Quarter Pounder with bacon and cheese, are priced at $18.99 in the photo. Menu prices for many restaurants are often higher on delivery apps than in store. Ar GrubHuba Big Mac combo meal from the Darien location will set you back $21.59.

The high prices stand out, considering the fast food chain is known for low-priced food and many locations even have a $1 menu.

After discovering the expensive McDonald’s off I-95 in Darien, Learner said he looked into the company’s prices a little more. “Okay, I did a little digging and I think I may have walked into the most expensive McDonald’s in the country,” he tweeted.

Using data from Pantry and larder, food research site, The Learner found a McDonald’s in Lee, Massachusetts, lists a Big Mac for $8.09. However, the Darien site lists a more expensive Big Mac at $8.29.

According to budgeting site SavingSpot, the US has the 19th most expensive Big Mac in the world, with an average cost of $5.35. Sweden has the most expensive Big Mac at $7.75, according to the site.

A number of social media users were offended by Learner’s post. Some compared Darien’s prices to McDonald’s in their area. “Checking my local McD in the bay area, the #1 Big Mac meal is $10.48, so the next stop has a ~70% markup,” one person replied.

Others advised the Learner not to spend so much on Mac Mór.

enough recommended that the prices could be raised by recreation centers. Other people he blamed Connecticut – especially Darien – to be expensive place to live.

Freestanding McDonald’s location in Stamford, just about 10 miles from Darien, a Big Mac meal with fries and a soft drink is $11.79 on GrubHub – above the national average.

At the Darien rest stop, the same meal is $21.59 on GrubHub.

Darien’s location shows above-average prices for many items, according to Learner’s photo and the GrubHub page for that site. On the delivery app, the Sausage Egg McMuffin Meal, which comes with hash browns and coffee, costs $17.39 at the Darien location. The same meal at McDonald’s on the Upper East Side of New York City costs $8.29 on GrugHub.

The IS median household income in the Upper East Side, which is considered one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city, and $138,490. That’s about 92% higher than the citywide median household income of $72,150.

The IS median household income in Darien, one of the wealthiest towns in Connecticut, is $250,001. That’s 57% higher than the median household income on the Upper East Side – but McDonald’s prices are about 70% higher. me

The minimum wage in Connecticut and New York City is $15 an hour.

So what affects the price differences between McDonald’s locations? The owners. About 90% of McDonald’s locations are independently owned, and franchisees have the ability to set their own prices, says McDonald’s. That’s why the company doesn’t list prices on its corporate site – prices vary depending on where you are.

The two states with the highest average Big Mac price are Hawaii at $5.31 and New York at $5.23, according to SavingSpot. Mississippi has the cheapest at $3.91.

CBS News has reached out to McDonald’s corporate as well as the Darien location and is awaiting a response.

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