June 15, 2024

How to Track Sleep with Smartphones and Pokémon Go Plus

Several years after its initial announcement, Pokemon Sleep It’s finally here. The free-to-play app tracks your sleep with Pokémon turns, offering various rewards while you rest. It has many of the Pokemon staples you’d expect, from collecting and raising creatures, to cooking, as well as recording your sleeping habits.

Getting it to work can be a bit confusing, especially if you use the new, optional Pokémon Go Plus+ device. Below is everything you need to know to start tracking your sleep with a smartphone or the Pokémon Go Plus+ in Pokemon Sleep.

How to track your sleep with a smartphone

Pokemon Sleep compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Players will need Android 7 or later, or iPhone 7 or later (updated to at least iOS 14). The app is not optimized for use with tablets. To track sleep using a compatible device, players must download the latest version of it Pokemon Sleep.

Once you’ve done that and you’re ready to sleep, set your bedtime within it Pokemon Sleep, and make sure your phone is plugged in, as you’ll need to leave the app open overnight. Flip your phone face down and place it next to your body so that the app can track your sleep effectively. Try to place it close enough to your body so that it doesn’t find someone else’s sleep instead.

After you wake up, you will need to end the sleep session on the app to see the results and earn rewards. Once you get going, it’s simple but can be a pain to fix.

How To Track Your Sleep With Pokemon Go Plus+

Or, you can use the Pokémon Go Plus+ device with Pokemon Sleep, which has its own advantages more than simply using your phone. The device costs $55 but can track your sleep without relying solely on your smartphone. It also has other benefits and works even with Pokemon Go. Whether it’s worth it or not will depend, but there are definitely more benefits if you’re a human Pokemon Go player.

To use the Pokémon Go Plus+ device with Pokemon Sleep, First, make sure it is charging and powered on. Then open up the Pokemon Sleep app, and tap the “Main Menu” button from the bottom of the screen. Then tap on the “Settings and More” button.

Under the Pokémon Go Plus+ section, you’ll see the option to “Pair a Device.” Tap that, press “Pair Device,” and then press the home button on the Pokémon Go Plus+. You will want to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.

Using the Pokémon Go Plus+ gives you access to a special Pikachu that will help you raise Snorlax.

The Pokemon Company

After a few minutes, the device will pair with your smartphone and you will be able to start tracking your sleep with it. Hold the main button on the device until the blue light turns on to track your sleep. After waking up, hold the button again to end the session.

The main advantage of using Pokémon Go Plus+ is that it allows you to continue using your smartphone while your sleeping session is active. It’s also smaller than a smartphone, so it won’t take up as much space on your bed. The Pokémon Go Plus+ also gives you access to a cute Pikachu that will help you raise Snorlax. Likewise, the Pikchau can sing lullabies to you while you sleep.

Pokemon Sleep now available for iOS and Android.

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